ARTSEMESTR Summer 2021
Created: 3. 6. 2021 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze


Hall 13, Pražská tržnice, Bubenské nábř. 306/13, Praha – Holešovice

Thursday, June 3rd, from 7 pm to 10 pm,
Friday, June 4th, from 10 am to 6 pm,
Saturday, June 5th, from 10 am to 6 pm,
Sunday, June 6th, from 10 am to 6 pm,
Monday, June 7th, from 2 pm to 6 pm,
Tuesday, June 8th, from 10 am to 6 pm.


The exhibition of final and semester projects of students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) will be exhibited for the first time outside of the studios. All projects will be located in one place, on the premises of Hall 13 of the Pražská tržnice.

Due to the ongoing relocation of workshop facilities to the new technological building in Mikulandská street, we decided to exhibit the works of our students outside the historic UMPRUM building on Jan Palach Square. Combining the show and moving was quite challenging, so we accepted the offer by the City Hall of Prague and organized the exhibition in the Pražská tržnice area ", says the rector of UMPRUM, prof. Jindřich Vybíral.

 The change of environment offers a completely new perspective on the work of UMPRUM students. "We have to exhibit a huge amount of work from various fields. How to install everything was inspired by the environment itself. The exhibition will be reminiscent of a large market and the spectator will be able to "get lost" in a pile of colorful exhibits as he would get lost at a market. The architectural design of the installation was done by Imrich Vaško and Shota Tsikoliya teachers of the Studio of Architecture III ", adds Vice-Rector Radek Sidun.
Thanks to the installation, physical and mental barriers between studios will disappear. Everything will find itself in one exhibition landscape, on one exhibition pier, where the media and formats of individual artistic, design and architectural disciplines will alternate.

 Visitors can look forward, for example, to proposals for the revitalization of the center of the Petřiny housing estate, which the Studio of Architecture I prepared for the competition of the Czech Chamber of Architects. Another project that may be realized is the interiors of new Gambrinus pubs, created by students of the Furniture and Interior Design Studio in cooperation with Plzeňský Prazdroj. The UNIQUE CLIENT.MAREK collection of students of the Fashion and Footwear Design Studio, who dealt with clothing intended for people who, for example, cannot wear so-called ready-made clothes for health reasons, is certainly worth a mention as well. After last year's experiments with cattail, the textile studio focused on wicker in this year's semester. In addition to smaller objects, the studio prepared a large variable pavilion from this material, which will be located outside. Over the last year, the film and television graphics studio has focused on preparing for the celebrations of 70 years of its existence. At the Artsemestr show, it will offer films based on the principle of an animated documentary in an improvised cinema on the 1st floor of Hall 13.

 This year's Artsemester will present 350 students and their term and final projects. But it does not end with the ARTSEMESTR exhibition. From mid-June until its end, the exhibition „Diploma and Bachelor projects“ will also be on display in Hall 13.

"Next semester, we would like to return both exhibitions to the ground of UMPRUM. We are looking forward to seeing them also in the premises of the new technological building", as the rector presents a peek into the future of the school.


Architectural design of the exhibition: Imrich Vaško and Shota Tsikoliya
Installation: Extended
Production: Šárka Váňová
Graphics: Josefína Karlíková and Matěj Vojtuš
Photo: Ondřej Kubeš, Samuel Petráš

The exhibition was created with the support of Prague City Hall.

Studios and themes

Studio of Architecture I  - PETŘINY CENTER - the task was to design the center of the Petřiny housing estate with connections to the surroundings. The design includes a living parterre and a multifunctional hall as well as apartments. The design continues the tradition of multi-purpose city palaces. Students chose the functions and equipment of the ground floor area at their own discretion so that they could meet the main requirements of the entire housing estate - space for life, services, and culture. The results will also serve as preparation for the ČKA competition.

Studio of Architecture II - Contrast / Reuse - the inspiration point of this year's semester was a log cabin – frame construction. The generalization of the topic is contrast - reuse in architecture and urbanism on all scales, a shift to architectural detail. Final application Prague.

Studio of Architecture III - Discrete emergence - exploring emergent processes in nature and their application in architecture // final projects: 3 projects: 1) Environmentally oriented urban interventions in Vienna; 2) Design of a building in Olbrachtova Street; 3) Public space during CCTV times.

Studio of Architecture IV – Old Town Square. The students dealt with the completion of the square, the material composition, and the construction program, which should correspond to the needs of the city - the metropolis, currently with a view towards the future. The area of the square is not clearly defined and is not fully developed and the demolished Kren's house is missing. Last year, when pandemic measures made the square empty, made this lack more than obvious; 1st year - a separate topic Housing concepts, coping with the current housing situation.

Studio of Industrial Design - 1st-year: two "sculptures" expressing two contrasting emotions "passion X serenity"; 2nd-year theme "mechanism" - designing a new product, where testing of its mechanical function is dominating; 3rd-year theme "budget" - product design of your choice, including the creation of a budget for its production; 5th-year "chief designer" - cooperation with the 2nd and 3rd-year and management of their projects + topic autonomous transport // final project: 1st-year "design Language"; 2nd - 3rd-year "Transhumanism design" - better than human; 5th-year "rescue!"

Studio of Furniture and Interior Design – GAMBRINUS - the creation of a current pub environment with authentic expression and atmosphere. In cooperation with Plzeňský Prazdroj, students jointly defined a modern pub as a traditional place for gatherings in central Europe. Based on their analysis, they created designs of interiors in a feasible form // final project: BIBLIOBOX ART FOR MĚLNÍK - bibliobox on Charles IV Square in Mělník. It builds on the cooperation with the city of Mělník and the bookbooth project.

Studio of Product Design – 1) UMPRUM offices – space planning – a project of the reconstruction of the ground floor of the UMPRUM building, office layout, selection of equipment, designs of atypical elements, shape, material, and color solutions; 2) UMPRUM chair - dining chair made of any materiál of choice, including the production of prototypes. 

Studio of Sculpture – Wyprawa 2021 - due to distance learning and the inability to meet, students worked on preparations for a study tour. The road is directed to Poland and is called Wyprawa 2021. It is based on themes taking into account the phenomena associated with selected Polish realities, contemporary art, and (cultural) politics; ZIN Atelier of Sculpture in cooperation with ArtMap and Prague City Gallery // final project: free topic.

Studio of Painting
During the pandemic, without access to the school studio, when many students of painting had limited opportunities to create, we tried to focus on the individual approach and development of the author's manuscript within the limits of the given situation, but according to the students' choice. The semester thus had no unifying theme, except for the weekly sharing of works and their consistent joint reflections. Students present the results of efforts throughout the semester as a final project - 1 or 2 projects of their choice. 

Studio of Intermedia Art - The semester topic consisted of several assignments motivating to work collectively with voluntary participation. // final project: free topic - with the possibility of overlapping into the mentioned assignments.

Studio of Photography I - Diverse frameworks of time perception: during the semester there were joint discussions about various phenomena and approaches associated with the perception and reflection of time // final project: free topic.

Studio of Glass - Ritual - the phenomenon of ritual and its significance in the present. Students were given the task of producing two subjects in which they will look for their own ritual theme, solutions for design, and free creation in the field of glass. 1) a subject that can be grasped in one or both hands - the connection with long-term personal and civilizational habits, customs, and rituals will be emphasized; 2) a free object, ideally also to be held in the hands.

Studio of Ceramics and Porcelain – The journey to prehistory aka there and back again - students during the semester searched for prehistoric ceramic techniques and in the final project they use them for specific objects, installations, and videos.

Studio of Concept – Object – Meaning (K.O.V.) – Doll House - a playhouse offering a certain variability and playing opportunity. It is inspired by the selected building of a significant architect, which the student draws. The range of styles, constructions, and materials used in the chosen building leads students to individual problem solving and craftsmanship. // final project: a collection of jewelry, or small objects, in connection with a drawn architect.

Studio of Fashion Design – Sustainable WOOL - Statement piece - project builds on the post-masters project of Ph.D. student Linda Havrlíková in which unused processing local unused materials, sheep fleece, into unique materials currently available in the Czech textile industry. The students' task was to create an outer garment made of the given materials, which will combine traditional craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetic durability. Each student approached the creation with the ambition to design and create clothing responsible for society and the environment. An important part of the process has been working with the cut and form concerning minimal waste. The result is timeless clothing that takes into account a sustainable lifestyle and confronts today's consumerist way of life, dictated by seasons and overproduction in the textile industry.

Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design
- UNIQUE CLIENT - the main topic of the semester was focused on clients with a "non-standardized" figure, who are not typically targeted by clothing production companies. Students focused on the physical side of the human body, but also the psychological side of working with a selected client, for whom they designed a specific clothing collection. In addition to individual collections, there was also a mutual studio task - creating a wardrobe for client Mark, who was also an inspiration for assigning this topic. The resulting collections were photographed in collaboration with the Studio of Photography II.

Studio of Textile Design - From water to shore - revision of the weaving process of triangular willow, basket willow, and purple willow // final project: Holešovická Stav (r) ba - Outdoor conceptual interactive installation using willow wicker.

Studio of Illustration and Graphics – 1) Playing cards –“Mariáš“ playing cards, French, tarot, and BANG; 2) Stolen rain - illustration of Amazonian stories in cooperation with the Department of Portuguese Studies at Charles University. // final project: Scouting - diptych or triptych printed most ecologically - on the dewgraphy!

Studio of Type Design and Typography -  Reading. Mutual topic - own content - optional medium. - students chose and processed their own, specific issues from the overall topic of reading. The outputs are the author's projects that demonstrate, communicate, or otherwise respond to a selected topic. // final project: Accompanying program - a short live performance (lecture, presentation, or other forms of performance), which will become part of the accompanying program of the exhibition Artsemestr 2021. The performance is captured in the form of a video.

Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communications
Individuals for better functioning in the online world – Help a selected company by using a digital output (web applications). // Final project: finalization of the web application in graphic design and presentation of a functioning prototype.

Studio of Film and TV Graphics  – Animated document as a starting point - the result of a two-semester assignment, where students created animated films based on the principles of an animated documentary. The choice of topic was narrowed down to graduates, teachers, or various phenomena related to the UMPRUM Studio of Film and TV Graphics, which current students tried to identify themselves with. Students of the Studio of Animated and Interactive Works of the Faculty of Design and Art of Ladislav Sutnar of the UWB and students of the Department of Screenwriting and Dramaturgy of the Prague FAMU also joined the topic. The theme of retrospection while balancing the studio’s 70th anniversary is also related. Celebrations of the anniversary are planned for this autumn.

Studio of Graphic Design and New Media – Routine versus imagination - a series of 18 short-term tasks. These included extensive text corrections, a game design in Wikipedia, a memorial to the victims of the covid 19, a studio newsletter design, a series of documentary photographs, an invoice design, a video of physical performance, a redesign of the timetable, lettering and more. // Final project: it was related to the semester assignment Routine versus imagination.

Studio of Photography II – Documentation of technical workshops in the old UMPRUM building before reconstruction and moving to new premises in Mikulandská Street - the capture of the genius loci, including searches; 2) Documentation of the indoor spaces of the metropolis (pieces of wilderness in the middle of the city) - "vague terrains", inner peripheries or places between places that should play a more fundamental role in the life of the city in the future. Places of parallel lives in the metropolis, eg Žižkov Freight Station, Kolbenka, Vyšehrad Railway Station… 3) Cooperation with the Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design on the UNIQUE CLIENT semester assignment. MAREK - focus on the physical side of the female and male body - her / his physicality, communication, and psychological work with the client. // Final project: Documentation of the current state of the buildings of the Prager cubes before their reconstruction, intended for archiving of IPR, which is located in the buildings.

Visiting Artist Studio - Dialogues with various (even non-human) partners // Final project: free topic.

Department of Theory and History of Art - Project P - collaborative project - an open platform, based on the author's outputs of first-year students, which thematize some concepts (slowness, care, participation, nature, movement, emptiness, periphery, transformation, memory, togetherness, pandemics, etc.) Outputs will be diverse - collaborative in nature, introspective, using documentary and performative practices. They will be complemented by statements collected in an open call.