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ARTSEMESTR summer 2022
10. 6. – 17. 6. 2022
UMPRUM, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Praha 1


6. 6. – 28. 6. 2022
Technology Centre UMPRUM, Mikulandská 134/5, Praha 1

Open Mo-Sat 10 am – 6 pm
Exceptionally, it will also be open on Sunday 17. 6. 2022.


The exhibition is literally taking place at the site of creation. Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague will fill both of its buildings with the works of its students - semester, master's, and bachelor's theses. The event will take place not only in the studios on nám. Jana Palacha, but also throughout the entire new UMPRUM Technology Centre in Mikulandská Street.

The end of the UMPRUM academic year is inseparably closed by two key exhibitions Artsemestr and Diploma & Bachelor Projects. The exhibition is proof of how UMPRUM students have developed and advanced. Here they regularly defend their talents and newly acquired skills, presenting what their studies have given them and how they have grown.

The Artsemestr exhibition of semester and final projects is traditionally presented on the home ground of the studios in the main building. A new feature is the location of the Diploma and Bachelor's Projects exhibition in the UMPRUM Technology Centre.
"The new UMPRUM Technology Centre primarily provides workshop facilities. However, the architects also envisaged cultural and social overlap. After the smaller presentations located on the ground floor, we had a unique opportunity to use the common areas as one large gallery. Visitors will thus have the opportunity not only to see the work of our graduates but also to look through the glass partitions into the places where their work was created", says Jindřich Vybíral, Rector of UMPRUM, about the new concept of the presentation of the Diploma and Bachelors Project exhibition.

Both events will once again offer a wealth of works from the fields of architecture, design, fine and applied arts, and graphic design. The projects largely reflect current events, the social and ecological situation, and its needs. The assignments themselves also respond to an understanding of the principles of making in practice and thus help to improve professional life.

During June, visitors will have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the latest works of UMPRUM students but also to soak up the creative atmosphere of both school buildings.

Production: Šárka Váňová, and Irena Tesarčíková.
Graphic Design: Jaroslava Straková and Jan Stuchlík.
Photography: Jakub Demartini (Diploma & Bachelor Projects), Markéta Slaná a Ondřej Kubeš (Artsemestr).

ARTSEMESTR Summer 2022 – Studios and themes

Studio of Architecture I: Education - elementary school - Praha 3 - Habrová // Final Project: education - presentation model / site plan.
Studio of Architecture II: EXPERIMENTAL PEDAGOGIES / defining and articulating what the discipline of architecture can bring to the contemporary world and redefining architectural education // Final Project: PROJECTIVE ARCHEOLOGY / means of architectural presentation and communication.
Studio of Architecture III: Post-carbon. Architecture and materiality in a time of environmental crisis - exploring alternative ways of working with traditional and unusual building materials. // Final Project: Architecture and materiality - applying new knowledge about materials to housing design.
Studio of Architecture IV: Institutions of Legacy (Havel, Jirous, Škvorecký) // Final Project: individual detailed assignments within the topic of the semester.
Studio of Industrial Design: 1st year: expressive design project on the theme of emotions - clay objects humility X grandeur / 2nd year: cooperation with 5th year: mechanism / 3rd year: own free theme in cooperation with 5th year: DIY light for gallery, 3D printer for small children, high-end speaker // Final Project: 1st year: design of company language - design of a hand-held stick blender / 2nd-5th year: design of a broom and dustpan.
Studio of Furniture and Interior Design: Task 1 - Nutcracker an inter-studio collaboration of the Department of Design - design of an award for the Louskáček advertising agency / Task 2 - ALTÁN (Gazebo) - site-specific gazebo for a given location / universal gazebo for Mmcité / Task 3 - SOLNIČKA (Salt shaker) - design of a salt shaker to support an organization supporting cystic fibrosis patients / Task 4 - USSPA - design of a vacuum tile // Final Project: production of an architectural model of the gazebo and detailed documentation.
Studio of Product Design: Beautiful work - a new look at old crafts // Final Project: builds on semester assignment.
Studio of Fine Art I (Sculpture): CITY AND ECOLOGY - ecological problems of the city // Final Project: free topic.
Studio of Fine Art II (Painting): free topic.
Studio of Fine Art III (Intermedia): free topic.
Studio of Fine Art IV (Photography): group exhibition Plaza Protocol // Final Project: free theme, participating in the exhibition Plaza Protocol.
Visiting Artist Studio: Process Soup - a critical look at the process of making art, strategies of distance and changing the point of view of one's own practice, and sustainability of the artist's way of life.
Studio of Glass: Experience and style - inspiration from the ideas and work of Prof. Vladimír Kopecký // Final Project: builds on semester assignment.
Studio of Ceramics and Porcelain: Trophy for FAMUFEST, development of glazes // Final Project: Story - reaction to a selected object from the depository of the exhibition of ceramics and porcelain of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Brno - output of free work and design.
Studio of Concept – Object – Meaning (K.O.V.): Kitchen and dining - original functional product or artistic accessory for the kitchen or dining table. In collaboration with Fleysen // Final Project: product completion and presentation.
Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design: VIVE LA FRANCE - theme France, inspiration of French history, culture, art, and celebrities. The emphasis is on thorough research of selected inspirations and quality craftsmanship with reference to haute couture workmanship, i.e. in terms of execution, thorough craftsmanship with a large proportion of handmade work.
Studio of Textile Design: The Apple and its shadow - a dialogue with the history of the textile industry at UMPRUM.
Studio of Illustration and Graphics: Relief printing - 1st woodcut workshop with G. Jolowitz / 2. large-format woodcut workshop with T. Klepoch and J. Bachorík / 3. drawing portraits of writers and their subsequent transfer to linocut // Final Project: illustrations for works of portrayed writers using colour relief printing.
Studio of Type Design and Typography: Limit - a set of font designs for Živel magazine // Final Project: creating a book for a studio library.
Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communications: Dream project - free assignment for the project. // Final Project: Xerox Zine - a complex assignment focused on working with format, flipping through publications, material, reading, visual layers of a publication, the relationship between image and text, the relationship between headlines, typesetting, and publication layout, etc.
Studio of Film and TV Graphics: Coupe - shooting on 16mm film stock at the old railway station in Křímov // Final Project: sound and final post-production of the semester project 16mm.
Studio of Graphic Design and New Media: Individual projects (each student chooses his/her own topic to work on during the semester) // Final Project: presentation of the semester topic in the form of a two-minute video.
Studio of Photography II: City Guide - the city through new forms of documentary photography. Capturing the character and time-space of a selected place. Sub-assignment "Life in one Street" - Documentation of a neighbourhood // Final Project: Memory/Experience - In conjunction with the semester assignment "City Guide". Tracking the differences between the actual, conscious experience of states and mere passive consumption of emotions.
Studio of Design and Digital Technologies: Business cards using AR - research, various uses, presentation / participation in the open call Soutok and LudumDare (48-hour video game jam) // Final Project: altered perspective using AR or VR technologies - a comprehensive exhibition using virtual and augmented reality from individual creative outputs on topics discussed during the semester.


Artsemestr is a regular exhibition of semester and final projects of UMPRUM students, where they all present the results of their study efforts at the end of each semester. Its tradition, as we know it now, began in 2004 thanks to the decision of then-rector, Prof. Jiří Pelc. Students exhibit their work in the authentic environment of the school - studios, classrooms, and sometimes even in the corridors. In the winter of 2021, for safety reasons, due to COVID-19, the exhibition had to be held only online. In the summer of 2021, for the first time in its history, the entire exhibition moved outside the UMPRUM building to the Prague Market Hall in Prague 7 - Holešovice. It is now returning to its original location, the studios of UMPRUM at nám. Jana Palacha.


Artsemestr summer 2022 (photo Markéta Slaná)

Diploma and bachelor projects 2022 (photo Jakub Demartini)