ARTSEMESTR Winter 2017
Created: 20. 1. 2017 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Opening night: Tuesday 24th January 2017 from 7pm
Open from 25th January to 30th January 2017
The entire UMPRUM building (Náměstí Jana Palacha 80, Prague) is open daily from 10am to 6pm
Free entry


Four months of graft…semester and final exams…design, consultation, discussion. And now the fruits of all this hard work will be shown at ARTSEMESTR – a presentation of work from across all UMPRUM’s studios.

ARTSEMESTR is a regular event that showcases the semester and final exam work of UMPRUM students. All students present the results of their studies at the end of each semester. ARTSEMESTR was first established in 2004 by the then rector Prof. Jiří Pelcl. The students exhibit their work in the places they were originally created – in the school’s studios, classrooms and hallways.

ARTSEMESTR encompasses a wide range of themes, approaches, techniques and forms of production. UMPRUM focuses on preparing students for the real world. This is reflected in the topics assigned to students and in the school’s frequent collaborations with various professional institutions and production companies. For example, this semester our students are partnering with the city of Hradec Králové, Škoda Auto, Volkswagen, Baťa, MIKOV, RIM and a host of other companies that provide their technologies and manufacturing services. In this way, our students are given the best opportunities to break through into the marketplace.

UMPRUM continues to make its mark on the international scene! Aneta Dvořáková, a student from our Textile Design Studio, was recently recognised in the Special Mentions category as part of the Young Creations Award at Heimtextil 2017 in Frankfurt. Aneta was awarded for her project The Ripping.



Studios & Topics

Architecture Studio I – Architectural concept for the town of Šluknov

Architecture Studio II – Utopia – designs for a city of 10 million people – an ongoing project examining the possibilities for Utopia to work as a functional and sustainable urban organism in the near future.

Architecture Studio III – Industry 4.0 and the potential of architecture – long-term project and booklet for the unfinished project. Final exam work – Emergent Wood Fabrication – experimental methods of prototyping and manufacturing wood products.

Architecture Studio IVBespoke Semester – in collaboration with the city of Hradec Králové – renovating the Aldis Congress Centre in the context of urban planning and the city’s history.

Industrial Design StudioYear 1: methods of adapting and transforming natural products into useful commodities – Years 2-5: project in partnership with Škoda Auto and VW on the subject of automobile traffic, entitled Fit2Digital. The presentation uses augmented and virtual reality and can be viewed on the studio’s website.
Final exam work – New exercise equipment in collaboration with Martin Kofroň

Furniture and Interior Design Studio – Year 1: BOX – designs for an arbitrary product/object that fits into a cardboard box of specific dimensions – Years 2-5: international competition on the topic of upholstered armchairs in collaboration with RIM
Final exam work – Year 1 – coffee table for RIM – Years 2-5: exhibition stand for RIM at Designblok 2017.

Product Design Studio – Encasing and presenting The Venus of Dolní
Final exam work – Design for sharing books in public spaces 

Sculpture Studio – Free topic  

Painting Studio – Free topic  

Intermedia Art Studio – Free topic  

Supermedia Studio – Free topic  

Photography Studio – Issues of predicting and forecasting, focusing on specific phenomena related to the world of the internet and new technology.

Glass StudioEverything To Do With Bulbs – solutions for pendant lights and lighting objects.
Final exam work – in collaboration with a glass-silvering producer, students explore various shapes of glass suitable for this production method.

Ceramics and Porcelain Studio – Historical glazes
Final exam work – Ornament and Crime – a free response to an essay by Adolf Loos

Concept – Object – Meaning (K.O.V.) Studio – Usable and random aluminium objects, in collaboration with SPIRAL and MIKOV.
Final exam work – Masks and their Forms

Fashion Design Studio – Film/Movie – students’ reactions to a selection of iconic films: The NeverEnding Story, Orlando, Dazed and Confused, Twin Peaks, and Fruit Of Paradise.

Fashion and Footwear Design – Personal Coat – project targeted at custom-made production – Baťa Project – designs for men’s and women’s shoes, with selected models to be subsequently produced and sold by Baťa.

Textile Design Studio – Textile architecture – a pavilion for people to meet (in the form of a garage)

Illustration and Graphics Studio – The Hut – a comics-house collective featuring stories from individual apartments as well as a specialist journal – Rapport – designs for a rich multi-use pattern – The Collection – a new book depicting various methods of collecting and sorting.
Final exam work – Red Riding Hoods – different authors, styles and ways of storytelling in short formats

Type Design and Typography Studio – Studio Brewery – comprehensive design including the name, brand and graphic design for all equipment + a publication summarising the results of six months’ work.
Final exam work – neon ad promoting Studio Brewery

Graphic Visual Communication Design – Virtual reality and its reflection in the visual styles used by horror festivals

Film and TV Graphics Studio – puppet film and a set of prints on the theme of Fear
Final exam work – subtitles for puppet film on the theme of Fear
Scenes, puppets and a series of projected animations made for the ROOMS project, which went on display on Cihelná Street in October 2016.

Graphic Design and New Media Studio – publication of a new book to mark the 10-year anniversary of Studio POP10 as well as work related to preparations for the anniversary celebration: also magazine redesign of Cinepur magazine – visual designs for the Dvořák Prague Festival – Christmas shop windows for Kosmas bookstores.