ARTSEMESTR Winter 2021 - On-line
Created: 2. 2. 2021 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Artsemestr Winter 2021

 Through the course of February 2021

 Final and semester works of students from the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) will be available only online this time. The school-wide exhibition ARTSEMESTR winter 2021 is being moved to Facebook, Instagram, and the studios' websites. It will be possible to get acquainted with the results of various projects gradually during the course of February, and at the end of it, a selection of the best projects will be prepared with detailed information.  

 At the end of January 2021, the UMPRUM students defended their semestral and final projects. Their work was complicated by a number of restrictions and practically everything was completely transferred to online space.

"Given the current situation, we had to abandon the possibility of presenting student work on school premises. We plan to present the missing exhibition vivaciously and even a little spontaneously on social networks and websites of individual studios. The school's fan base should help to actively and organically attack social media networks. All posts on social networks will be easy to find through the hashtag #artsemestrzima2021. In addition, we officially plan a more detailed acquaintance with the best works of this year's semester, which are nominated by individual departments of the school after critiques are completed. I believe that this will be the last time we have this form of presentation. In the summer semester, we would like to organize a larger event, which should make up for the inability to see works with your own eyes.", says Vice-Rector for Communication and International Relations Radek Sidun about the alternative course of the exhibition.

The current Artsemestr winter 2021 exhibition with subtitle On-line during the course of February will appear on UMPRUM online space.

Studios and themes

Studio of Architecture I - Social housing by the tracks (Prague 3) - design of a building in an undeveloped space near the Prague main railway station and the Theatre Ponec, including solutions for noise, access, and other pitfalls of the site // Final Project: interior design of an apartment for social housing near the railroad tracks.
Studio of Architecture II - Harrachov - The city and National Winter Stadium (Revitalization of the ski jump complex in Harrachov).
Studio of Architecture III - Research of the development of new social and economic models with regards to architectural potential. // Final Project: Architectural presentation during lock-down using various social networks and media.
Studio of Architecture IV - Design of a house for a specific site with a specific assignment // Final Project: a skyscraper designed with maximum dimensions of 60 x 60m and a height of 150m, the project should also include the social overlap of the building function.
Studio of Industrial Design - 2nd + 4th-year students, team task (kettle, toaster, hotdog machine, espresso machine), 3rd-year students, own project (sustainable footwear, hand luggage, car exterior, design of a Prague metro car), 5th-year students, design of a slicing machine cooperation with the company Bizerba // Final Project: "Desi(g)nfekce (Disinfectant)" clean, treat/heal with the help of design, we follow up on the topic of "quarantine" and current events in society, and at the same time in the broader context of the meaning of "clean the environment with quality design".
Studio of Furniture and Interior Design - 1st-year students design a BOX and a product that should only fit into it when folded, 2nd - 5th-year students, proposal of a permanent exhibition in Ostrava - The Way of Money - Cooperation with the Czech National Bank // Final Project: 1st-year students, Pencil case for a specific target group, including a functional prototype. 2nd - 5th-year preparation of a visual page and project documentation for the ČNB so that it can participate in the tender.
Studio of Product Design - 1st-year students – the study of natural objects; 2nd - 3rd-year students, pop up furniture for product presentation, 5th-year students, shop windows of exclusive glass stores // Final Project: 1st - 5th-year students, draft for the Award for Extraordinary Work.
Studio of Sculpture - theme: (spectator, art - artist) - student exhibitions in public or private space, who were referred to by visitors of the exhibition from among students of the studio. Based on references, the Archive of visits, zines were created in the form of a drawn map. // Final Project: free topic.
Studio of Painting - free theme.
Studio of Intermedia Art - free theme + collective theme - post-production interpretation of selected film works.
Studio of Photography I - free theme.
Studio of Glass  - 1st-year students - Design of a beverage set, 2nd - 4th-year students, Concept, and design of a product for a specific brand, 5th-year students, elaboration on the overall concept of branding, including market research and product design // Final Project: ICON - design of own product and approach in connection with research of a selected iconic brand.
Studio of Ceramics and Porcelain - "Whoever forgets his history is doomed to repeat it" - inspired by a selected event from the Memory of Nations database // Final Project: the creation of a work based on the stories of the Memory of Nations - cooperation with the Memory of Nations and the Auction house Sýpka.
Studio of Concept – Object – Meaning (K.O.V.)  – Door handle  - Door handle of a building by a significant architect, picked by the student // Final project: free interpretation in connection with the chosen architect.
Studio of Fashion Design – Sustainable WOOL – Statement piece // Final project: designs of the author's collection working with complete mutually compatible, combinable, and variable outfits.
Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design – brand building + online website. In cooperation with students of graphic design, students had to build an "online" brand, prepare its concept with respect to philosophy, sustainability…
Studio of Textile Design – Cattail and knitting // Final project: Cattail - a local resource and its revision in contemporary design.
Studio of Illustration and Graphics – illustrated prose - book concept, illustration, typesetting, printing, and bookbinding // Final project: UPCYCLING - Use anything that is done and improve it!
Studio of Type Design and Typography – Revival – full-fledged digital typographic font based on a historical model, Revue - interview with the author of the best font designer or typographer // Final project: Review of the working environment - design and implement an intervention, material or digital tool or organizational element useful for working and social life of the studio.
Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communications – Seeing through numbers - working with data, the art of explaining concepts, working on the border between a graphic designer and a reporter // Final project: Numbers - author's project as a result of a semestral work.
Studio of Film and TV Graphics  – 70 years of the Studio of Film and TV Graphics at UMPRUM, preparation of interviews with selected graduates and animated documentaries // Final project: "campaign" on a social network whose task is to draw attention to the 70th anniversary of the Studio of Film and TV Graphics at UMPRUM.
Studio of Graphic Design and New Media – The last competition - the topic of competitions in graphic design and field practice // Final project: The last competition - finalization of the project website and web contributions of students.
Studio of Photography II – Theme of student's choice / short-term tasks of a technical nature to acquire various skills / Portrait / Video - shooting a short video.
Visiting Artist Studio – Scales.