ARTSEMESTR winter 2022
Created: 28. 1. 2022 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

ARTSEMESTR winter 2022 

28. 2. 2021 – 2. 2. 2022 
UMPRUM, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Praha 1 
open: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Revitalization of traditional techniques and technologies, cooperation with companies, and projects that improve life around us are topics that resonated with this year's semester and final assignments at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague (UMPRUM). The results of projects which UMPRUM students have worked on for the past semester will be open for viewing at the ARTSEMESTR winter 2022 exhibition.

The exhibition and everything that precedes it is the biggest event of the school year for students. It is also a test of how they succeeded in another semester, how they dealt with the assigned topics, and how they can work independently under time pressure. The Artsemester is also the largest school-wide presentation of UMPRUM student works.

"During this semester, students were able to make a trial operation of the newly opened Technology Center UMPRUM in Mikulandská Street. As I follow their feedback, they are very satisfied with the new environment and the opportunities it gives them. From the next semester on, all workshops will be in full operation, so I believe that this will also affect the quality of their work," says UMPRUM Rector Jindřich Vybíral about the new workshops, which are a long-awaited benefit for the entire school. 

As usual, this year there is a very diverse range of topics and there is a great variety of very interesting projects. Great emphasis was placed on sustainability and cooperation again. For instance, we should mention the project of the Architecture I studio, in which they designed a kindergarten that includes a garden, or for example the project of the Architecture IV studio, which brings back life to the places that the R35 road disrupted in Litomyšl and Vysoké Mýto. The range of design studio topics was again very diverse. The industrial design studio dealt with the iconic Škoda 110r. The product design studio designed an information system for the Federal House in Slavonice. This year's novelty of the Fine Arts Department is the curatorial elaboration of individual exhibition projects. The fashion studio delved into the issues of blueprinting and working with the traditional textiles, and the main inspiration for the clothing and footwear design studio was France and the tradition of haute couture. The Studio of Type Design and Typography transferred its art to stone, students designed a memorial plaque of the archeologist Ivan Borkovský for the house in Karolína Světlá street. The Graphic Design and Visual Communication studio prepared the visual style of the Lanškroun Municipal Museum and the visual identity of the kindergartens in Semily. It is also necessary to mention the results of the cooperation between the Studio of Animation and Film and Czech Television, which prepared a series of animated films for its i-Broadcasting.

Most of the final and semester projects took place in cooperation with various companies and institutions. "We are pleased that UMPRUM is succeeding in expanding and deepening cooperation with various entities. Finding out what it is like to work for companies or real clients is an unimaginable plus for all students who want to stand on their own two feet,” says Radek Sidun, Vice-Rector, and alumni of UMPRUM.

The work of UMPRUM students will again be possible to see in the original environment of the individual studios in the UMPRUM main building on Jan Palach Square. An exception will be a project to improve the environment of the Fine Art I studio of Kafkárna.

The exhibition of final and semestral works “ARTSEMESTR” will be open until February 2, 2022. 

Studios and topics

Studio of Architecture I - Education - Kindergarten // final project: Education - Kindergarten - model 1:25 + design of the kindergarten garden
Studio of Architecture II - Do what you want // final project: Individual assignmentí 
Studio of Architecture III - Food and Architecture: Inside the Market – market design/marketplace with regard to environmental, social, and other aspects // final project: elaboration on a semester project within the context of the Old Market Square in Bratislava
Studio of Architecture IV
 - Vysoké Mýto - R35 - Litomyšl - merging of "urban scars" created by traffic thoroughfares leading to the center of Vysoké Mýto and Litomyšl. Analysis, cooperation with students of sociology and field research, according to which an ideal plan for the transformation of the R35 road in these cities was created // final project: follows the semester assignment - proposals for modifications of places and houses.
Studio of Industrial Design – 1st-year students - stylization of natural products into four materials and production of models; 2nd and 4th-year students - Relaxation/technology - rocking chair, use of residual heat, new water grill design; 3rd-year students - free topic - the interior of a shared car, game character design, tea maker design, microscope design; 5th-year students - internship // Final project: 1st-year students - a useful subject based on nature; 2nd - 5th-year students - "reaction 2 erko" (2 read [two]) - projects responding to the icon of Czech motoring "erko" - Škoda 110r.
Studio of Furniture and Interior Design
 – Metal casting - the choice of the final object should fully reflect the potential of the production technology and use it as much as possible // final project: follows the semester assignment - the final product made using metal casting technology.
Studio of Product Design – 1st-year students - the study of natural products; 2nd - 5th-year students - information system for the Slavonice House; gift item for UMPRUM // final project: Sunglasses for a famous person.
Studio of Fine Art I (Sculpture)
 – Revitalization of the environment of the former sculptural studio of Bohumil Kafka. The plan is to create a place in the so-called Kafkárna and its garden, which would become the intersection of (not only) school activities and works related to environmental topics.
(The semester project will be exhibited in Kafkárna, Buštěhradská 2, Prague 6)  
Studio of Fine Art II (Painting) – Elaboration of student work on the free assignment.
Studio of Fine Art III (Intermedia Art) – Development of student projects.
Studio of Fine Art IV (Photography I) - Free topic. Together with the works zines were also created with thematic overlap into the final exhibition # hypertension22.  
Studio of Glass – MEADOWS - to create designs for a luxurious line and a regular line, including designs of specific products for the Meadows brand (luxury candles, interior fragrances) // final project: VISION Sculpture and material, look to the future, restart, new strategies - analysis of approaches and strategies of 3-5 artists + own concept and design of own artwork + realization according to own possibilities.
Studio of Ceramics and Porcelain
 - 1st-year students - Vase - porcelain vase, 2nd - 5th-year students - Mug - mug design for Czech porcelain Dubí // final project: Color - cooperation on the project CRAFT - keywords assignment - color, surface, space, output - object, installation, concept
Studio of Concept – Object – Meaning (K.O.V.)
 - Multifunctional tool/tradition - detail // final project: jewelry collection, which will be based on technology, materials, and details used in the semester work. 
Studio of Fashion Design – Blueprint - a traditional technique of blueprint in the context of contemporary clothing. // final project: Blueprint - use your design or use existing ones and integrate them into the clothing form in combination with current materials. The project is being carried out in cooperation with a blueprint workshop in Strážnice.
Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design
 - VIVE LA FRANCE - the theme of France, inspiration from French history, culture, art, and personalities. Emphasis is placed on thorough search of selected inspiration and quality craftsmanship with reference to processing in the sense of haute couture, i.e. at the level of implementation thorough craftsmanship with a large proportion of handwork. The project was created in collaboration with the Czech version of Marie Claire magazine, was approved, and is watched by the mother Marie Claire in Paris.
Studio of Textile Design
 – NEEDLE - What are the possibilities/limits of the needle in the context of contemporary textile design? Search and try different techniques and find your own language in what the needle allows. // Final project: NEEDLE - individual projects. The range of approaches and techniques is open. Studio of Illustration and Graphics - Template - 1) template report, 2) template graphic, 3) template report // final project: Book - publication created using templates.
Studio of Type Design and Typography – Typography realized in massive material - design of a memorial plaque for the archeologist Ivan Borkovský, on the facade of the house 323/27 in Karoliny Světlé Street. (In cooperation with the Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the Embassy of Ukraine, and the National Monuments Institute); Commemorative medal UMPRUM - competition proposal for a new commemorative medal // final project: non-traditional image reproduction techniques - tools and experimental matrices for the reproduction of written communication.
Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communications
 – 1) Visual style of the Lanškroun Municipal Museum - visual identity including the manual intended for the implementation, 2) Information system and visual identity of the dual complex of kindergartens in Semily - practical implementation of a completely new architectural project in cooperation with the city council and clients. (Realization will take place during the year 2022.) // final project: Cover of the magazine Živel 41 In Extremis - in cooperation with the Studio of Photography II.
Studio of Film and TV Graphics
– Cooperation with Czech Television - series for i-Broadcasting // final project: realization of a series of animated films for Czech Television i-Broadcasting.
Studio of Graphic Design and New Media - A new task every week. Every week the submission of a solved task and next week the same. Student as a well-oiled cyber machine that responds quickly, swiftly, accurately. The student is aiming to get it right the first time, with no extra attempts. We call this preparation for a regular rhythm. // Final project: Continuation from the semester. Final projects last three weeks. A new task every week.
Studio of Photography II – Photographs for the cover of the magazine Živel 41 on the topic In Extremis // final project: photographs for the visual (poster + other possible media - invitation, catalog cover, social networks ...) of the exhibition of the new generation of Czech porcelain: Terra Alba / Porcelain 2022
Design and digital technology studio - group production of games for a special arcade machine within the Festival of Illustrations and Comics (FIK) on the theme of Fire; interactive light installation for the exhibition Rooms 2021; variable fonts (in cooperation with the Studio of Type Design and Typography) // final project: NFT (non-fungible token) - the output is a comprehensive exhibition describing the topic of NFT, consisting of individual works and accompanying material to understand the issue and the general public.
Visiting Artist Studio
 - Details from the imaginary cosmos // Final project: Representation. The artist and his work in mutual representation. The guest artist was Matt Mullican, an American artist working with the interface of the subject and the outside world.


The Arts Semester is a regular exhibition of semester and final projects of UMPRUM students, where everyone presents the results of their study efforts at the end of each semester. Its tradition, as we know it now, began in 2004 thanks to the decision of the then rector prof. Jiří Pelcl. Students exhibit their work in the authentic environment of the school - studios, classrooms, sometimes in the hallways. In the winter of 2021, for safety reasons, COVID-19 had to be held online only for the first time. In the summer of 2021, for the first time in its history, the entire exhibition moved outside the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, to the premises of the Prague Market in Prague 7 - Holešovice.