Blue Innovation in Japan
Created: 1. 10. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Current tendencies in the creation of traditional Czech blue textile printing


22nd of September – 19th of October, 2018

 Czech Center Tokyo


Alice Klouzková, assistant of the Studio of Fashion Design and doctoral student, Klouzková is the author and curator of the Blue Innovation exhibition, which will be presented in Tokyo in the fall. In addition to the work of Alice Klouzkova, it is possible to see the work of students and fresh graduates of UMPRUM from the Studio of Textile Design and from the Studio of Furniture and Interior Design.

 The aim of the Blue Innovation exhibition is to present contemporary blue textile printing production in the Czech Republic which aims to highlight this unique innovative traditional technology. Since the 1950's The Center for Folk Art Production (ULUV) has been the central point for modern and experimental blue textile printing in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the unique cooperation of outstanding artists and great craftsmen within the framework of the organization, original and artistically high-quality products were produced using traditional practices in the current context. This creative approach, which in the Central European context has no parallels, currently connects to a number of Czech designers who prefer high-quality manual work, craftsmanship, and a link to tradition and originality. Traditional blue textile printing still has a strong potential and in the hands of young creative people it becomes an unrivaled and exclusive material. Our exhibition shows these new ways of Czech blue textile printing.

Fashion designer and curator of the exhibition Alice Klouzková, has long been engaged in traditional hand-made techniques, blue textile printing is often used in her work and she methodically promotes it. The Blue Innovation project is one part of her dissertation work at Prague's Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design, which she will also present at the exhibition. Klouzková invited young designer Martina Dvořáková who looks for the beauty in the everyday and owns the brand Made by Ordinary to contribute to the exhibition. Another invited designer, Petra Valentová, combines traditional wood-based printing from the Indian region of Rajasthan with traditional Czech blue textile printing. Radana Sikorová, who uses traditional blue textile printing to create unconventional interior accessories along with the designer duo from Óda with their abstract blue textile print fabric. And last but not least, the students of the Studio of Textile Design of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague present the results of their experimental exploration of decor and the object within a contemporary interpretation of Czech blue textile printing.

Visitors can also take a look at two traditional blue textile printing workshops that are still operational in the towns of Olešnice in Moravia and Strážnice, in the Czech Republic. Milan Bartoš and Jaroslav Plucha, the last producers and restorationists of blue textile printing forms will also be presenting their works.

 "The Blue Innovation project builds on the tradition, innovation, and fashion presented at the Heritage exhibition in the UM gallery in 2016. The idea for a Czech blue textile printing exhibition came from Michaela Dermauw from the Czech Center in Vienna as a response to Austrias first step, where they initiated the enrollment of blue textile printing on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage. The goal of the Blue Innovation exhibition is to present contemporary blue textile printing production in the Czech Republic with a focus on emphasizing a unique innovative approach to this traditional technology. In the hands of young creators, blue textile printing still has a strong potential to become a unique and exclusive material. My exhibition shows the new and current ways of Czech blue textile printing, it presents examples of unique collaborations between outstanding designers and excellent craftsmen, wherein they use traditional methods and they create original, contemporary quality craft and design products. The exhibit connects with the legacy and creative cooperation within the framework of the Czechoslovak organization ÚLUV; in the Central European context it is unparalleled. For the exhibition, I chose several designers who currently work with blue textile printing innovatively. When the Blue Innovation exhibition launched in Vienna of October 2017 it achieved success, I noticed a lot of positive reactions to the current innovative work of designers with a traditional technology. My project was then after presented in the Czech Centers of Sofia, Munich, and Budapest. For the Tokyo exhibition, I have prepared a new and updated concept," explains Alice Klouzková as she presents her project.


Author and curator of the exhibition: Alice Klouzková
Graphics: Adam Uchytil
Exhibitors: Martina Dvořáková, Kateřina Haderková, Alice Klouzková, Zuzana Martinusová, Óda - Johana Němečková a Barbora Vildová, Radana Sikorová, Petra Valentová
Manufacturers: Milan Bartoš, Jaroslav Plucha, Modrotisk Danzinger Olešnice, Strážnický modrotisk
Exhibition partner: Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague (UMPRUM)