Book Proposal
Created: 9. 4. 2019 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Book Proposal 

11. 4. – 12. 4. 2019

UMPRUM, nám. Jana Palacha 80/3, Praha 1, The Studio of Sculpture, room 004

The Studio of Photography I. and the Department of Fine Arts at AAAD (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague) have prepared a series of lectures by Czech and foreign graphic designers and photographers on the topic of 'Book proposal', which is part of the doctoral thesis of Viktor Kopasz.

As part of the symposium, current leading players in the field will present and discuss their recent thoughts and ideas. Among them:  Peter Puklus, Adela Svobodova, Joachim Schmid, Johannes Schwartz, Jan Brož, David Carson, Adam Uchytil and Jolana Sykorova. The event will be moderated by Laura Amann, curator at SO (

The event will be held in English.


11th April 20195 - 9 PM

Adéla Svobodová / Jan Brož

Graphic designer Adéla Svobodová, together with artist Jan Brož, look at book not only as subject to design, but also as a medium with its own present, past, and future. The medium determining the structures and formats of information as well as the types of visual


Joachim Schmid 

Joachim Schmid is a Berlin based artist who began his career as an independent critic and  a publisher of the Fotokritik magazine. His own artistic work is primarily based on photographs and paintings found in public sources. Nowadays he presents his book works which use the print-on-demand printing technology. He considers the principle of self-publishing a means of artistic practice.


Jolana Sýkorová 

Amsterdam based graphic designer interested in using self-created or uncommon printing and binding techniques by thinking of the reader’s perspective and the physicality of the medium in order to find an intriguing form. I’m always looking for the best way to combine and experiment with the actual book production in the most elegant and practical way.


Johannes Schwartz 

Photographer Johannes Schwartz, in collaboration with the graphic designers Experimental Jetset, initiated an on-going series of publications called High Series, which are always published on the occasion of Schwartz's exhibitions, but in no way fulfilling the function of a catalogue but forming an integral part of the exhibition and acting as an added dimension of space.


12th April 2019, 2 - 5PM

Peter Puklus 

Peter Puklus talks about his experience and discoveries beyond the usually square format of a photographic frame. In the last recent years he visited a few territories from which some were barely related to photography, including sculpture, installation, drawing and painting... however most of them led to a sometimes unorthodox book-project – sometimes with photographs, sometimes without.


Adam Uchytil 

Adam Uchytil is a graphic designer who has been creating artist’s books in an electronic form long-term. The Book.sys project explores the capabilities of a web interface as a platform for creation and distribution of an artist’s e-book.


David Carson

A legend in the world of graphic design who is known mostly for his innovative approach to magazine design using experimental typography from the 90s. He was the artistic director of Ray Gun magazine, in which he combined many and unconventional visual and typographic approaches.
At the same time, he presents his new artist’s book called nucollage.001 for the Barcelona Museum
of Contemporary Art.