Colours of Transparency at London Design Fair
Created: 18. 9. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Colours of Transparency

UMPRUM Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Studio of Glass

20-23 September 2018

TENT, London Design Fair
Old Truman Brewery
26 Hanbury Street
Shoreditch, London

Thu-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat-Sun 11am-6pm



The Studio of Glass will represent the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM), at the London Design Fair 2018

 Colour and transparency in relation to glass is the central theme around the exhibition Colours of Transparency from the Studio of Glass led by professor Rony Plesl. It is as much a celebration of Plesl's tenth year as the head of the Glass studio, as well as a demonstration of how the studio has grown and in what direction it is heading.

"We do not cling only to design, but rather expand it to all the borders. We openly and deeply talk about where the line of the art world lies, vs. that of the design world. We lay down a lot of direct and honest questions that stir up the students to maximum performance and they attack their work with intensity. We are different even in this aspect, we are literally opening Pandora's box." says Rony Plesl, about student collaboration and his teaching methods.

The exhibition is characterised by work with colour, disruption of classic design concepts and encouragement of experimentation. The objects are timeless; they cross the border of traditional glassmaking and meddle in between the fields of design and fine art. However, always honouring high quality execution.

The central display of the exhibition is the project Birth of the Future Behind Glass by František Jungvirt, whose concept connects craftsmanship of the Renaissance and Baroque periods with looseness, expression and technical development of the present time. His objects perform at the same time with the shine of crystal and the addition of color.

Another exhibitor is Barbora Štefánková and her collection 9539 days. Small figurative sculptures inspired by tradition glass figures are brought into a contemporary art context.

Sebastian Kitzberger chose a remarkable way to create his collection of vases Crust, which reinterprets the traditional artistic craft of hand blown-glass vases. The wood molds used for the production of the vases were cut by a chainsaw to obtain radical shapes and textures, imitating hand cut glass.

Marieta Tedenacová's Narcissus vases are high-quality art objects that play with the reflection of the viewer's face on the mirrored inner surface of the vase. On the opposite, outer surface of the vase is a portrait painted by traditional techniques. The artist works with the motif of self-portraiture and fragmentation that connects the viewer's reflection with the painting on the vase.

After its premiere at the London Design Fair, the exhibition will be moved to Prague and the extended collection will be featured in the HYB4 Gallery at Campus Hybernská. In addition to the exhibition, The Studio of Glass also prepared a comprehensive catalogue, introducing themselves and the actual Colours of Transparency project.


Exhibition concept: Marek Šilpoch, Rony Plesl, Klára Horáčková

Rony Plesl - the head of the studio
Klára Horáčková - the assistant professor of the studio

Anna Jožová
Marieta Tedenacová
David Šedina
František Jungvirt
Shynar Kaliyeva
Eliška Monsportová
Dominika Petrtýlová
Petra Tomišová
Valentina Hejdová
Kristýna Venturová
Marek Šilpoch
Daniel Kinský
Vlastimil Šenkýř
Sebastian Kitzberger
Jana Němcová
David Černý
Michaela Doležalová
Yu-Lin Huang
Emel Erdem
Vendulka Prchalová
Lenka Němcová
Barbora Štefánková
Kateřina Handlová