DIALOGUE - Jiří Pelcl & graduates
Created: 12. 9. 2016 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

DIALOGUE - Jiří Pelcl & graduates



Opening: Thursday 15/9 2016 from 18:00

The exhibition will last until: 31/10 2016

Open Monday to Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

Free entry



Dialogue between teachers and students is a prerequisite for the mastery of all fields. It is no different in design.
Former students of the Studio of Furniture and Interior Design of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design will present their work from 16 September to 31 October.

The exhibition does not aim to be a showcase of best products by former students of the Academy. It also does not aim to measure the success achieved in their subsequent jobs. The exhibition explores the young designers’ independent work, their products, opinions and problems that they encountered after leaving the Academy.

Heart of the exhibition is the idea of a dialogue. It is clearly apparent in the installation and visual designs that do not represent the objects in their usual forms but emphasize their contact and reciprocity. The architectural studio Gold Medal changes the traditional way of displaying objects into a game. Dignity and seriousness become hyperboles; hardness and durability are replaced by softness and variability. The exhibition plinths are mobile; they deny immobility and support the dialogue between objects and their authors. The installation changes several times during the exhibition and new relations between the objects appear. Visual part of the exhibition is enriched by audio recordings with voices of the exhibiting artists and their former teacher Jiří Pelcl.

The curators Alena Štěrbová and Klára Peloušková describe it as follows: “We decided to connect the products that have already begun to live their own lives outside the school with the atmosphere of the former studio with all the consultations, discussions and reflections of works of the students, their colleagues and their teachers. The accompanying catalogue aims to convey the graduates’ opinions and recollections of their UMPRUM studies and of their teacher prof. Jiří Pelcl.“

Jiří Pelcl summarizes his pedagogical work in the Studio of Furniture and Interior Design as follows: „I perceive the graduates as athletes lined up at the starting lane. Some start immediately. Others, as if from sleep or even consciously, have overheard the starting shot, because they were thinking about other important things that emerge from distant haze only slowly. When I see a work of art (it makes no difference whether it is a house, an object or a designed product), that captivates me with its originality and strength, I wonder whether I were able to create it myself. When I eventually find out that the author of the work was a student of mine – I feel happy.”

List of exhibiting artists: Radim Babák, Zuzana Bošková, Ondřej Červený, Kristýna Fránková, Barbara Friedrichová, Petr Hák, Leona Höbausová, Zbyněk Krulich, Libor Motyčka, Jiří Novotný, Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus, Daria Podboj, Libor Sošťák, René Šulc, Michael Tomalík, Romana Vyhnánková, František Zelinka
Curators of the exhibition: Klára Peloušková a Alena Štěrbová
Architecture and graphic design: Gold Medal Studio – Jakub Herza, Matúš Buranovský, Josef Tomšej

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with information about the Studio of Furniture and Interior Design, profiles of the exhibitors, lists of graduates of the Studio and its current students.