EXIT exhibition in NTK Gallery
Created: 14. 6. 2016 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

EXIT Exhibition

Exchange and VA students exhibition of works created under the guidance of Václav Janoščík as a part of the Ancient Philosophy course.

Opening: 15 June 2016 at 6 pm
Venue: National Library of Technology (Technicka 6, Prague 6)
Exhibition runs until: 21 June 2016

How to Represent Knowledge

A group of students from various departments in the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design have been challenged with the idea of knowledge as a way of representing the surrounding world around us. Having studied Ancient Philosophy as part of their theoretical studies they have come up with artworks that in many ways reflect their thoughts on the contemporary world. The theme of Plato’s Cave can be considered the fundamental subject matter of this exhibition as whole. The show consists of almost 20 works of students from different geographical backgrounds that have met in Prague through the Erasmus+ Program and began to create connections between each other and the experiences they shared.
The ideas compressed in this exhibition relate to one’s evaluation of the Ancient philosophers. We can definitely relate the logic of the BC period to the reality of the 21st century. This representation of thought through the collection of art works from various departments such as Painting, Sculpture, Visual Arts, Supermedia, Intermedia, Product Design, Textile Design and Fashion Design show the variety of ideas of philosophy applied to the context of today. The strength of the chosen collection lies in the understanding and combining the ancient with contemporary along with the mutual bond created between the artists. We strongly hope it becomes an inspiration and subject of conversations across the audience.
In choosing the NTK Gallery space I considered the concept of the place. It reflects the idea of ancient and contemporary through the use of primitive and modernised technology. Hence why I thought it would work perfectly with the content.
The produced works relate to the themes such as self-expression and the place of human beings in the environment being taken over by technology. Prague as a geographical centre of Europe becomes a larger centre of interest in the contemporary art world bringing many artists and creating opportunities for the upcoming ones. This is the fruit of this sort of experience – the one that puts people together in order to create a product of synced imaginations and reflections.
The exhibition is supported by Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague; Erasmus+ Program and National Technicka Knihovna.

Amani Al-Thuwaini
Tanya Byrne
Cov Casado Gonzalez
Megan Clark
Moniek Dams
Eloise Froehly
Ronja Hage Tange
Morgan King
Marine Lagarde
Davy Mada
Rebeka Molnar
Benedek Regös
Marissa Schut 
Almog Sella
Tansy Shaw
Anais Staelens
Emilia Vere
Adam Wallace

Curator: Krystiana Kozak
Assistant Curator: Marissa Schut
Gallery Curator: Milan Mikuláštík
Graphic Content: Rebeka Molnar, Marissa Schut