Control in Exile
Created: 5. 11. 2014 from Department of Fine Arts

Participating artists: Jan Martinec and Zuzana Bitalová, Jan Nálepa, Jan Hladil, Jana Bernartová, Jonáš Rosůlek, Filip Dvořák, Eva Pejchalová, Michal Kohút, Meera Chauhan, Alastair Birch, Alex Lawrinson, Ana Sebastian, Thomas Shickle, Miloslav Vorlicek, Lucy Wilson, Ciaran Wood

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art will present a collaborative exhibition between students and tutors from Goldsmiths College, University of London and the Supermedia Studio, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Each school will be represented by eight students. The exhibition will take place at DOX in Prague and at the Institut of Contemporary Arts in London. Both cities have their own specific topic: in Prague it´s CONTROL (surveillance, leadership, supervision) and in London it´s EXILE, OTHERNESS (the same being made into The Other).

Both exhibitions will be accompanied by a seminar within the exhibition space, which would involve distinguished speakers (Department of Art History and Esthetics AAAD, the Royal Institute of Philosophy) and presentations of students and tutors. The aim of the project is an international cooperation between two significant art schools coordinated and led by students themselves. Curator of the Prague exhibition is Evžen Šimera in cooperation with Federico Díaz and David Kořínek.

Established in September 2008, the Supermedia Studio is a multidisciplinary laboratory. The aim is to fulfill visions using different techniques, achieving a specific form combining several media. A supermedium is an environment where the physical is freely and collaboratively combined with the virtual, accurate shapes with dynamic thinking. Interactivity is an invitation to participate.
The Head of the Studio is MgA. Federico Díaz and Mgr. David Kořínek.

„Interactivity is an invitation to participate.
Due to the digital nature of information, all media and the manner of work with them have converged. Artists are manipulators capable of shaping the reality using available means. Material reality penetrates the virtual one. Dematerialization of materials resulted in their liquid nature, which can be further changed."

Goldsmiths College, the Department of Art has been part of the University of London since 1904. It specialises in making, curating and writing about contemporary art in a dynamic, critical and interdisciplinary environment. The program of the Department of Art is based on international cooperation within a network of artists, curators, galleries and museums.
The Head of Department is Dr. Richard Noble.

"We are committed to avant-garde, radical thinking, which creates an environment that encourages freedom of thought and expression. The cosmopolitan nature of the student body and the thriving intellectual culture of the department together provide many and various opportunities to develop cross-cultural collaborations within the field. We think it is crucial to see art as a continuing, transformative and trans-national undertaking taking place within the contemporary public world."