The UMPRUM Visiting Artist in the Fall Term 22/23 is Marwa Arsanios
Created: 5. 9. 2022 from Department of Fine Arts

The Program of the UMPRUM Visiting Artist Studio in the 2022/2023 Fall Semester

UMPRUM is proud to announce that the visiting artist for the 2022/2023 fall semester is Marwa Arsanios

Marwa Arsanios is an artist, filmmaker and researcher who reconsiders politics of the mid-twentieth century from a contemporary perspective, with a particular focus on gender relations, urbanism and industrialization. She approaches research collaboratively and seeks to work across disciplines. 

Arsanios has been the subject of solo exhibitions at Skuc gallery in Lujubljana (2018) at the Beirut Art Center (2017); Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2016); Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam (2016); Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon (2015) and Art in General, New York (2015). Her work has also been shown in a number of group exhibitions, including Documenta (2022), Warsaw Biennial (2019), Sharjah Biennial (2019), The Gwangju Biennial (2018), and many others. She is the co-founder of 98weeks Research Project. 

Arsanios received a Master of Fine Art, University of the Arts London (2007) and was a researcher in the Fine Art Department, Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, The Netherlands (2011–2012). She is currently a PhD candidate at the Akademie der bildenden Kunst in Vienna. 



Program title and syllabus:


Building a structure 

How can we set a structure for production that allows a multiplicity of individuals and voices to inhabit the production process? Inspired by anarchist texts and practices as well as other grassroot DIY organizations that are invested in ecological struggles, feminist organizing, labor syndicalism and land rights, we will try to collectively come up with our ideal and materially feasible structure that would permit us to produce different forms, whether discursive, aesthetic or activist.

We will ask ourselves what form this structure could take while taking into consideration it’s functioning principles, values and politics. This will be a collective endeavor referring to the participants’ individual practices while looking at existing structures and models. 


The structure of the program:

The visiting artist will give a theoretical and practical course.

The program is structured in several intense in-person sessions with the visiting artist and several online meetings with her and her guests. Regular meetings of the group will be held in person weekly throughout the term.


The program is part of the Fine Arts Department of UMPRUM and is primarily reserved to its students but offers limited numbers of places to the students of other departments of UMPRUM. Students of the bachelor, master and PhD programs can apply.

All students apart from the students of the first year of Bachelor Program and the students currently graduating from Bachelor and Master Program are encouraged to enroll. The Visiting Artist Program is open to students of Fine Arts Department and all other UMPRUM departments in limited numbers.

To apply, students must have completed their previous semester and enrolled in the next semester. For applications please contact the UMPRUM Study department.

For more information please contact the program’s Czech pedagogue Sláva Sobotovičová,, 737 620 381



In the past UMPRUM has hosted courses of the following visiting artists:

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fall 2021/2022 Matt Mullican: Details from an Imaginary Universe

spring 2020/2021 Maja Smrekar: Dialogues with Different Kinds of Interlocutors

fall 2020/2021 Sam Lewitt: Scales

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