UMPRUM in Peking
Created: 5. 11. 2014 from Department of Fine Arts


A joint presentation of Prague art schools in the spaces of China Czech Contemporary.


In the period from 22 September to 20 October 2013, the Czech China Contemporary Art Gallery (CCC Beijing) in Beijing will host for the first time a large-scale exhibition focused exclusively on up-to-date work coming from the Prague art schools. Under the curatorial supervision of the painter Jiří Černický, stage designer Jana Zbořilová and historian and theorist of the photography Robert Silverio, two tertiary art schools based in the Czech Republic's capital The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (AAAD) and the Academy of performing Arts in Prague (AMU), by menas of its three faculties (the Theater Faculty (DAMU), the Film and Dance Faculty (FAMU and HAMU)) will present themselves to the Chinese public.

"The idea of arranging an exhibition in Beijing came up a year ago. At first it was an idea of taking advantage of my friend Jiří Strakas openness to cooperation. I knew that this distinguished person operating in Beijing had access to an excellent space into which he tried several times to attract me. So I took advantage of this option and suggested to him that he might offer the opportunity to my students from the painting studio…” Jiří Černický, head of the Painting Studio at AAAD, explains the initial impulse thanks to which, in the fall of 2013, all of the gallerys floors were filled with young Czech art! The main criteria for the curator were quality, a diverse balance and an informed view, primarily because it was the first entry of Czech students into the Chinese cultural environment. The Rector of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, a university established in 1885, professor Jindřich Smetana, praises the foreign presentation of the school: I firmly believe that this will open up a new chapter in cooperation between these two specific cultures, different as they are in terms of both geographical location and size, he remarks with regard to the opportunity to present a specific Czech point of view of applied and fine arts in China.

At the present time, AAAD collaborates with foreign countries traditionally and on several levels. This, however, will be the first time that the school's specific point of view regarding applied and fine arts will be presented, along with that of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, also in China.