First Scratch
Created: 8. 2. 2016 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze



Name of the Project is Project Itself is a yearlong exhibition project organized by the Czech Centre New York. 6 artist and curators invited by artist Jakub Jansa to collaborate on series of exhibitions that incorporates installation and procedural performances created in response to the context of the environment.

They are joining the existing structure, entering inaccessible places and de ecting the sequence of events on a selected trajectory. Their work is similar to system engineers of the physical world. They create installations and procedural performances often responsive to the context of the place and combining different means


of expressions. In most cases, they do not look for the current language of the gallery environment, and if they choose one, it is only as a camou age for connecting themselves to this part of reality.


Czech Center New York presents First Scratch by Jonas Strouhal, a solo exhibition and the first event of a yearlong installation project called Name of the Project is Project Itself. Through performative means the artist, Jonas Strouhal, deals with the bizarre phobias of today's world — particularly the boundless adoration of technological “jewels” and their promotion to the level of holy objects; a world where the inevitability of the first scratch is associated with fear and pain; a world where protective screens protect protective screens. The performance of First Scratch mimics the marketing practices of tech companies as Strouhal and collaborative artist Jakub Jansa, with the same conviction of Startup founders, motivate people on the streets of New York to let their new precious items (such as smart phones, luxury gadgets, personal devices, cars, etc.) be manually scratched in hopes to absolve them from the agony of the first scratch happening at random, out of their control.


 First Scratch — a startup initiative and performance artwork by Jonas Strouhal will take place in the Czech Center New York on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.




Author: Jonáš Strouhal
Ali Elizabeth Cashman
Graphic Design by
DIP ( Matěj Hanauer and Petra Roubalová)
Fashion Design by
Tereza Ledvinová
Performance by Jakub Jansa and
Jonáš Strouhal
Photos by
Vendula Knopová, Marie Tomanová


Name of the Project is Project Itself concept by Jansa Jakub



Czech Center New York
321 East 73rd Street
New York, NY 10021