GLASSMANIA! Bohemian Glass Masters at Tent London
Created: 24. 9. 2015 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

GLASSMANIA, a joint project of AAAD, CzechTrade, the Czech Centre in London and five Czech glassmaking firms – Astera, Clartés, Evans Atelier, Kolektiv Ateliers and PRECIOSA Lighting, presents work by students of the Academy. In the words of the Glassmaking Studio head, Rony Plesl, GLASSMANIA is “a project in which the dexterity of Czech glassmakers elevates Czech design and the creativity of the students refines the craft and extends its boundaries”. Alongside projects implemented in intensive collaboration with students, the firms also present their highest quality glass products.

The entire presentation is enhanced by the concept of the exhibition, designed by the architecture students – members of Gold Medal Studio - Matúš Buranovský, Jakub Herza and Josef Tomšej, which offers visitors to Tent London a glimpse into the manufacturing processes of the exhibiting firms. 

Visitors can thus become acquainted with the environment of the Aster glassmaking studio, which produced Daniela Chodilová’s variable decorative glass project that in formal terms refers to the famous Czech mess tins and Michaela Doležalová’s Madonna Solace lighting object created in collaboration with PRECIOSA Lighting. Another eye-catching project, arising from collaboration between the student Valentina Hejdová and Kolektiv Ateliers, is a wall-mounted object presenting to visitors the technique of hand-painted glass and the transfer of ornament onto a glass object using its optical properties. 

The selection for presentation and implementation of joint projects of AAAD students and Czech glassmaking firms are bringing unexpected sources of inspiration to both sides. The students are acquiring very valuable experience in adapting to the product lines, and making use of technologies that correspond to the facilities of the individual glassmaking firms. The companies, in turn, can try out cooperation with young future designers under the leadership of the school studio, thereby combining the tradition of Czech glassmaking with fresh ideas from the academic environment. In the words of Jiří Pelcl, Vice-Rector for PR and International Relations, “GLASSMANIA is proof that the celebrated tradition of Czech glassmaking is still developing successfully and reacting to world events, while retaining its own identity based on the craftsmanship and mastery of Czech glassmakers.


Exhibitors: Michela Doležalová, Rony Plesl, Daniela Chodilová, Kristýna Venturová, Jaroslav Klaus, Lenka němcová, Pavel Výtisk, Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá, Vendula Prchalová, Martin Pouzar&Radomíra Jandová, Valentina Hejdová, Jaroslav Šára

Exhibition curator: doc. ak. soch. Rony Plesl



Tent London

Old Truman Brewery

25 Hanbury Street

London E1 6QR

Thursday 24 – Sunday 27 September 2015

10 am -  8 pm


Glassmania Exhibition Opening

Thursday 24 September at 8 pm, stand C10



photo: Jaroslav Moravec