Created: 5. 4. 2016 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze



Exhibition opening on Thursday the 14th April at 6 pm.

Exhibition runs from 15th April till 28th May 2016.

Open: Tuesday–Sunday 10am–8pm


Gallery UM
nám. Jana Palacha 80, Prague 1


The exhibition Hey Bunny - TYPO 9010 in Gallery UM is dedicated to typography. Its main source of inspiration is the comprehensive publication TYPO 9010 - Czech Digitized Typefaces 1990-2010, which won the Graphic Designer of the Year award in the Czech Grand Design 2015 competition. The exhibition itself offers a selection of the 20 most interesting and, according to the curators, most significant alphabets for typography.

Don’t be thrown by the name of the exhibition; it is certainly not intended only for a young audience. We are not attempting by this title, borrowed from Jaroslava Homolová’s font, to mischievously give preference to our youngest visitors. In fact, rather than the bunny hero, we are more aware of the hooligan villain of the former Soviet cartoon series Nu, pogodi! (Well, Just You Wait!) – the wolf, with a cigarette rakishly stuck to his lower lip, a lyrical subject who defies predictable behaviour and never gives a thought to what might happen a moment later. Please take the name as an attempt to distance ourselves as far as possible from the many more dignified labels that could be chosen for a demonstration of Czech digitized typefaces from 1990 – 2010.

So then: Hey Bunny, whether you're young or adorned with dignified grey hair, welcome! All the more heartily for being willing to try and understand why some people are "naughty" and others work hard while proceeding along the same path. The present selection of 20 alphabets constitutes approximately 5 percent of the 399 fonts presented in the book TYPO 9010. Not one of them abides by rational selection keys, whether timeline, frequency of representation in the book, Solper’s Classification of Latin Fonts, or an attempt to present once in twenty years one single, most influential alphabet. Upon mature reflection, we decided to pick what we consider the most distinctive, that which advances the discipline of typeface design in the search for new expressive possibilities, along with that which builds on tradition in the conventional sense of the word. In short, to put forward the most varied view of a field on which public attention is currently focused, similarly to the once-neglected biathlon. It is celebrating success and is fashionable. (When, say, swimming is enjoying popularity, lithography might be in vogue.) We are therefore taking advantage of this favourable time to show what we love, while it is still interesting to more than a handful of typographers.

When I say "we" in connection with the selection of the exhibits, I mean the small team consisting of Zuzana Lednická, Petra Dočekalová, Tomáš Brousil, Radek Sidun and Karel Haloun. It was complicated, but mostly enjoyable. I can only hope you, the visitors of the exhibition, will also enjoy it. And that you will also encounter some of the presented typefaces as readers.

Curators: Tomáš Brousil, Petra Dočekalová, Karel Haloun, Zuzana Lednická, Radek Sidun

TYPO 9010

Photos of the opening ceremony (Peter Fabo)