How to Make Your Dreams Come True Using Blender 2.80
Created: 28. 8. 2019 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

How to Make Your Dreams Come True Using Blender 2.80

Exhibition by Viktor Dedek, a student from the Studio of Sculpture of the UMPRUM


September 6th – October 5th, 2019
Opening: Thursday, September 5th, 2019 at 6 pm


Gallery UM, UMPRUM, nám. Jana Palacha 80/3, Prague 1
Open: Mon - Sat 10 am - 6 pm


The new exhibition season at the UM Gallery will kick off with the project How to Make Your Dreams Come True Using Blender 2.80 by Viktor Dedek a student of the Sculpture Studio.

Viktor Dedek reacts both to new technologies and trends at work and refers to desires that are underlined from all sides and instructs how such wishes can be fulfilled. This theme literally processes, materializes, and models its dreams using various computer programs and applications. His project builds on his exhibition performance in the Kostka Gallery, where he modeled his dreams in the 3D program Blender.

 The exhibited project was created especially for the UM Gallery and Dedek develops his previous experience with a participatory performance. The project is set in the backdrop of co-working offices, which are both a relatively new type of shared space and a symbol of the increasingly important phenomenon of precariousness and economic uncertainty in the era of late capitalism. The UM Gallery will be transformed into an instructional and working environment. The artist will present himself as a lecturer at several public tutorials and will present to a wide audience the possibility of realizing their own dreams, viewers will save this experience in their memories.

 “Upcoming performances are based on the format of Youtube tutorials, in which the lecturer replaces their own voice by communication through a text editor in which they write in real-time. The whole act thus proceeds in complete silence and although the lecturer is physically in space, their presence is reduced to the movement of the mouse cursor. However, this alienation is repeatedly disrupted by coincidence, the influence of memories and immediate decisions that enter the process and turn the tutorial into a spontaneous stream of personal consciousness,” says Viktor Dedek.

 “In this case, Viktor Dedek sees the dream not only as a state of unconscious projection but also as a conscious construction of individual wishes, ideas, and desires. For this purpose, Viktor Dedek uses free generally available software and web tools. We can mention in the title of the project the latest version of the 3D program Blender 2.80, basic text editor, Youtube channels, social networks, Google Translate or freeware allowing simple flow chart construction”, explains the curator of the exhibition Jen Kratochvil.

 In addition to the previously announced tutorials, which should take place between 4 and 5 pm, the gallery space will be used as a co-working office. Under pre-defined rules, it will also be available to visitors who will be able to use it to bring their dreamlike fragments together into usable, online 3D distributable model banks.


Curator: Jen Kratochvíl
Graphic design: Zdeněk Růžička


Viktor Dedek (* 1993) studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague in the Sculpture Studio led by Dominik Lang and Edith Jeřábková. As part of a student exchange, he attended the Universität für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna, and the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste in Zurich, where he began working on the performative part of his project for the UM Gallery and took a motion capture course. He also studied in the studio of Tomáš Vaněk at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and in the studio of guest artist Marie de Brugerolle at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. His solo exhibitions include Rychlost chůze, výška stolu at Kostka Gallery, MeetFactory, Prague (2018) and Co je za zdí at Jelení Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art, Prague (2017). He has also presented his work at group exhibitions, including Play Today – ludologie ve dvoře, Festival m³ / Art in Space, Prague (2018) Médium: figura, Prague City Gallery, Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace and Slavná spisovatelka, AVU Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts Art in Prague (both in 2017), Vážená paní, krájená mlha, Photogether Gallery, Zlín (2016), Epizoda II. – Horizont předmětu, Brno House of Arts: Galerie G99 a Epizoda I. – Museum Collection, Chrudim Regional Museum (both in 2015).