Iconic Recycling
Created: 15. 9. 2015 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Liběna Rochová’s Students Are Redesigning World Fashion Icons

Dr. Elisabeth Längle, a leading Austrian fashion expert, has initiated a new project of the Fashion and Footwear Design Program of Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. Entitled Recycling Fashion Icons, the assignment consists of redesigning distinctive prêt-à-porter items from Längle’s own extensive collection into a new brand collection. The donated garments include dresses by Jean Paul Gaultier, Helmut Lang, Donna Karan, YSL and others.

The Academy’s students chose the brands and put themselves in the role of a newly appointed creative director redesigning the collection and creating three outfits and one accessory, all capturing the identity of the brand and moving it forward in a desired way. Bringing new ideas and imprinting the brand with one’s own creativity is seen as a crucial mission of the project.

"Seizing the DNA of iconic brands, respecting their nature and elevating them with a new creative aspect" is how designer Liběna Rochová describes the concept. "Stepping into the footprints of distinctive brands is a great challenge for each designer. The ability to express an existing style and upgrade it is to me an essential skill for a future designer who would like to succeed in the real world of big fashion houses,” adds Rochová.

Recycling Fashion Icons is a summer term assignment and a final project of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. The works will be incorporated into a show that will take place in Tokyo in May 2015 in New York in September 2015 and then the “Recycling Fashion Icons exhibition will travel to Vienna in November 2015 . The commercial attractiveness of the designs will be put to a test as well, as after all the exhibitions are over the pieces will be offered for sale.