Ihor Sabadosh: Brand New Trash
Created: 20. 3. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Ihor Sabadosh: Brand New Trash

22. 3. – 15. 4. 2018

opening on Wednesday, 21. 3. at 18.00


Galerie NIKA, Metro B Karlovo náměstí hall (direction Palackého náměstí)


OObjects, the set of stools and benches designed by Ihor Sabadosh, respects the technical capacities of the material, its processing, and the potential of repeated recycling of liquid- packaging-board refuse. The purpose of this collection is the presentation of this experimental material in a functional, and at the same time aesthetically interesting form, suitable for both interior and exterior space. The OObjects collection is formed into shells, enabling it to be stacked easily, and to reduce the space needed for storage.


The new material was created by compressing the scraps of the liquid-packaging- board refuse Tetrapak, composed of paper, aluminium, and a plastic material. So far it is impossible to effectively separate these constituents and recycle them individually. The scraps are compressed by heat between two sheets of paper, and while heated, the plastic material dissolves and subsequently conjoins the remaining constituents. No additional elements are used during this process, which enables the repeated recycling of one slab without any loss of quality. Compressing the Packwall slabs produced by Flexibau offers a useful form of recycling, elevating the refuse to a position of a full-fledged product.


OObjects are designed to be created in two versions of surface treatment. The advantage of the first version is that a pronounced pattern, covering up the transitions and the object itself, will stand out, and the pattern itself will completely dominate over the object’s accidence. The second version with a wooden surface treatment is reminiscent of – nowadays pretty widespread – tabular materials frequenly used in interior spaces (kitchen units, wardrobes, windowsills). This veneered version covers up the pattern of the material, and at the same time has a greater potential for being appreciated by the general public.


Ihor Sabadosh is a student of the Studio of Furniture and Interior Design of UMPRUM, and he also used to study architecture at the CTU in Prague. In the year 2017 he was one of the winners of an international competition RIM Design Lab, where he succeeded with his design of an upholstered armchair.


Curator: Tereza Škvárová

Exhibition Opening

Photo: Lenka Glisníková