Iveta Schovancová: Cocktail Party
Created: 12. 8. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Iveta Schovancová: Cocktail Party

16. 8. - 9. 9.

Opening on 15 August at 7pm

Galerie NIKA, Metro B Karlovo náměstí hall (direction Palackého náměstí)


With her exhibition Cocktail Party, Iveta Schovancova enters the discussion regarding photography. She deals with the limits of the medium of photography and its limiting possibilities when it comes to capturing reality. The current installation in the Nika Gallery reminds us of the fact a photograph cannot freeze a moment in time. The selectivity of the photographer’s attention, the device, and the photograph itself is conjoined with the so-called Cocktail effect by the author in a new way.


The exhibited photograph demonstrates dual distance: firstly, of the camera itself, which tries to capture a fishing line with the aid of a telephoto lens, and secondly – primarily – the very importance and relevance of the exhibited thing. Instead of turning into an inward information, the carefully focused detail transforms into an undefined visual and content abstraction. On the on hand, then, Iveta encourages the audience to distrust the statements of photography, and on the other, she grants the technical picture some space for the audience’s interpretation.

Along the glasswork of the gallery, Iveta places captions of a photography archive illustrating the scientific research in the middle of the ocean. However, these brief comments written up on the basis of the old photographs did not preserve anything else from the exciting happenings in the ship laboratory apart from the silhouettes.  Not only does the artist then open up the topic of the relationship between a text and a picture (that illustrate each other for the sake of greater comprehensibility), but they also both appear to be mere intermediaries of the outside world, which they can neither replace, nor preserve.

Iveta Schovancová fills up completely a gallery, which by the virtue of its location and the space itself invites simplicity and plainness. She creates an imaginary river in which every passer-by may catch his or her own experience and it evokes the atmosphere of a cocktail party, where everybody’s attention is directed elsewhere.

Iveta Schovancová (*1992) studied Photography at UMPRUM (Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague). Nowadays she finishes up her studies in the Studio of New Media II at AVU (Academy of Fine Arts in Prague).


The phenomenon of the cocktail party is a psychological term for selective attention when accompanied by other people. It describes two inter-related effects. Firstly, a person engaged in conversation finds the discussion to be louder in comparison other with surrounding noises. Secondly, it is the activation of attention when overhearing an important or familiar word.



Curator: Kristýna Péčová