Johana Němečková a Barbora Vildová: The Ode
Created: 28. 11. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Johana Němečková a Barbora Vildová: The Ode

6. 12. 2018 - 6. 1. 2019

Opening on 5 December at 6pm at the NIKA Gallery

Galerie NIKA, Metro B Karlovo náměstí hall (direction Palackého náměstí)


The works of “Ode” project draw from traditions in which they – by their approach – recover a more topical meaning and a form that would be acceptable for the current consumer. As such, they react to the globalization of everything around us and the elimination of the merest speck of diversity even within the purview of the space we live in. The desire to break free from the shallow coziness of our „Ikea rooms“ results in the authors searching for principles that formed and accompanied our local past, survived wars and revolutions in the name of our independence, and finally fell prey to our desire for being worldly. The installation is thus a Christmas wish of “Ode” project as well as its manifesto.


“Ode” is a joint project of Johana Nemeckova and Barbora Vildova from the Alles gute studio in which they – instead of gaining on the newest trends – turn back, slowly returning to what had already been there. They search for old, frequently even forgotten traditions, beautiful workrooms, and the true masters of the craft. In this way they discover time-proven principles of the old forms and, with deliberation, they draw them near the current aesthetics to return them back to where they always belonged – the households. Above all, they strive to keep these traditions alive so they would not fade into obscurity.


Within the scope of “Ode” project, a coherent collection was created, including the authorial blueprint worked out in collaboration with the workroom in Straznice in Morava – a set of porcelain dishware, making use of the hand-painted porcelain technique from Chodsko, and a set of furniture made from ash wood. The newest product are the vases from cut glass with abstracted motifs of meadow flowers by Beata Alexova of the Plevel flower shop.


Johana Němečková and Barbora Vildová met at UMPRUM’s Furniture and Interior Design Studio where Johana finished her MA. She is currently an intern at the London’s Barber&Osgerby studio. Bara successfully defended her BA thesis project and works at Petr Hak’s studio. They both focus on exhibition installations and interior design, as well as product and furniture design.


Curator: Tereza Škvárová