Julie Lupačová: The Doors are Closing
Created: 19. 1. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Julie Lupačová: Dveře se zavírají // The Doors are Closing


24. 1. – 18. 2. 2018

vernissage on Tuesday 23. 1. at 18 o‘clock


Galerie NIKA, Metro B Karlovo náměstí hall (direction Palackého náměstí)


The areas of the underground's entrance halls and boarding platforms hold a peculiar position on our everyday trajectories. They do not exactly lie on the road, neither at the end of it. They are not situated on the inside nor the outside. They stand for some kind of an interspace that rarely receives any significant recognition. And even though - while one is passing through its space -  the Nika Gallery usually offers a certain kind of visual oasis, a place to rest one's eyes for a short time as a passer-by, this time nearly all of the visual sensations are eliminated. The darkened niche retreats into the background, offering a mirror to the whole area. The spectator, finding only his own reflection, becomes primarily a listener.


The audio-visual artist Julie Lupacova, a student of the "Film and TV Graphics" studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, set up a sound installation for this exhibit, inspired by the area of the Karlovo namesti (Charles Square) station. Similarly to some of her previous projects, the author works with actual noises, gathered directly at the boarding platforms and entrance halls. She eventually analyses the authentic acoustic material and subsequently creates a completely new form, standing on the intersection between a musical composition and a noise arrangement and reflecting the specific feel of this interspace.


Try for a while just listening, perceiving, feeling the echoes reaching us from the depths of the place itself...


Curator: Matěj Forejt