Manon Harrois - High Noon
Created: 23. 9. 2022 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Manon Harrois
High Noon / V pravé poledne

1. – 18. 10. 2022
Opening: September 30th, 2022 at 6 pm

UMPRUM Technology Center, Mikulandská 134/5, Praha 1.

Noon is understood in Slavic folklore as the hour of the spirits (as well as midnight) and the time to rest. At this time, one should stop, listen to the bell of the chapel or church, and rest... High Noon is the name of the exhibition of the French multidisciplinary artist Manon Harrois, which will be on display at the UMPRUM Technology Centre.

Her work is characterized by a passion not only for the result but also for the process of creation and complete realization. She will present her most recent projects at UMPRUM. She will move a part of the installation What’s the game?, which she first presented in the former brothel in Reims, to the exhibition space. "Manon created an installation consisting of chess pieces and a chessboard at the site of sin. Based on the principle of dualism (green and white), she built two armies there. The torsos of the bizarre, plastic, and distorted bodies of the other chess pieces were ready to rush into battle. The symbolism of a chess game, where one piece takes and its counterparts are thrown off the field, evoked traces of existence in this place", Jan Vičar, the curator of the current exhibition, recalls the installation.

The second realization, which visitors will have the opportunity to see, is Among drops of dragon’s blood. This project is based on the author's stay in Madeira. Here she was inspired by the endemic succulent dragon's claw. From the trunks of these unusual trees, she used natural latex to take impressions of their bark, wounds, and oozing resin. The result was not only the resulting print but also the whole process of its creation, a kind of "skinning" of the tree, which she documented on video.

The work of Manon Harrois involves a comprehensive approach to the process of creating the work. It includes not only an interest in making but also the environment that inspires her. Her exhibition High Noon will be on view at the UMPRUM Technology Center until October 18, 2022.

Manon Harrois (*1988) lives and works in Troyes (Champagne - Ardenne, France), where she creates large format drawings and photographs. Through the use of natural materials – installations – Manon changes and destructs the gallery space. Her own experience of a year spent in the Sahara Desert, in Niger – an act of suffering and thirst – reflects the personality of the artist who goes ‘over the edge’.  She makes video recordings of her creative processes and performances. This method Manon used in Madeira to create a set of trees, whose trunks she ‘dressed’ in latex and subsequently ‘skinned’. The set of tree imprints will form the main part of the exhibition ‘High Noon’.


Curator of the exhibition: Jan Vičar.
Graphic design: Žofia Kosová.
Translations: Alžběta Soperová.
Production: Natalie Krausová, and Šárka Váňová.