Marie Urbánková awarded at the NAFF festival
Created: 21. 9. 2022 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

The diploma film Mom is Always Right (Máma má vždycky pravdu) by Maria Urbánková from the UMPRUM Animation and Film Studio was awarded the best student film at the 17th International Festival NAFF (Neum Animated Film Festival) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The short animated film shows what would happen if mom was always right.

It was co-produced with MAUR film and supported by the State Cinematography Fund and the FILM TALENT ZLÍN Foundation.

Don't run, you'll fall! Don't pick your nose! Don't make faces! Don't drink that beer! Is spinach really gonna give me muscles like Popeye the sailor man?
Milan has a huge belly and nobody knows why. Diets and strenuous exercise don't help. A big belly brings him many complications. The simple act of putting on socks turns into a hellish mission. We follow the stories of several heroes, each with unusual concerns. Where do they come from?
A movie for all kids, a movie for all moms, a movie for all dads, because family is heroism!

Marie Urbánková has already sparked public interest with her previous student film Concrete Jungle, and 107 Years of Bohunka Nobilisová, where she uses postcard animation to trace 100 years of our recent history.

Director – Marie Urbánková.
Script – David Dvořák, Marie Urbánková.
Animation – Marie Urbánková, Matouš Vyhnánek.
Editing – Juraj Ondruš.
Music – Kateřina Koutná KAT.
Sound – Martin Večeřa.
Camera – Jaroslav Fišer.
Post-production – Bohdan Buďárek, Matouš Vyhnánek, and Matěj Piňos.

Producer – Mária Môťovská, and MAUR film.
Co-producer – UMPRUM.

Length – 7:39 min.