NIKA Gallery announces the OPEN CALL for 2020
Created: 23. 10. 2019 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

NIKA Gallery would like to announce the OPEN CALL for 2020! All information, including the necessary documents and the application form can be found below.
OPEN CALL criteria:
List of obligatory attachments for participation in the OPEN CALL:
  • A completed applicant form
  • CV of the author (s)
  • Portfolio
  • A design proposal of the exhibition in the form of a visualization, drawing or photographic documentation
Please send all required attachments to by no later than November 15, 2019.
Save the applicant form in the format of nika_applicationform_yourname lastname.xls
Conditions of participation in the OPEN CALL:
  1. The artist must at the time of submission of the application be a student at UMPRUM (in the case of an exhibition by more than one author, the number of UMPRUM students within the group should prevail).
  2. The artist can present work that is independent of the field he / she studies at UMPRUM (video from a student of typography, painting from a student of architecture, etc., including students of theory).
  3. The project should take into account the character of the place - ie. the public space.
  4. Priority is given to projects that rely on an installation solution for a given space specifically.
  5. The total costs of the exhibition must not exceed CZK 6,000. This amount includes the operation and overhead of the gallery space, the graphic design of posters and invitations, printed and electronic advertising, the photographer, curator and advances for repairs and maintenance (all these costs are paid for by the gallery directly from its budget). After deducting the aforementioned necessary costs, the remaining amount is approximately CZK 2,000, which can be provided to the selected artist to cover the necessary costs related in particular to the installation and technical support of the exhibition (as opposed to the tax documents).
  6. The services of the curator, photographer and graphic artist and the cost of it are borne by the gallery and are provided free of charge to the artist (see point 5 above). In case the exhibitor would like to cooperate with his / her own curator, photographer or graphic artist, it is possible, but the financial costs associated with it are entirely at the expense of the artist.
  7. Interventions in the gallery space must not be irreversible.
  8. The average duration of the exhibition is 3 weeks, but it can be determined differently depending on the nature of the project.
  9. It is possible to use electricity, projection or sound installation; specific technical requirements must be addressed individually with curators.
  10. We do not recommend exhibiting or using items of disproportionately high value - financial and personal (the exhibition space is locked but not impregnable).
The results of the OPEN CALL will be published no later than the end of November 2019 here on the gallery website.