One after Another
Created: 27. 9. 2013 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

The Studio of Product Design is part of the Design Department at AAAD in Prague. Since 2002, the studio has been headed by the Michal Froněk and Jan Němeček designer team, which operates under the brand Olgoj Chorchoj and has received many distinguished awards in the area of design and architecture. The One After Another exhibition in the Academy’s gallery constitutes the first comprehensive presentation of the studio’s graduates in the Czech Republic. Last year, the exhibition was successfully mounted in the Czech Centers in Berlin.
The tradition of product design training at AAAD is synergically linked with the craft influence and especially the creative influence of all the school’s studios. During its existence under the leadership of the Froněk/Němeček duo, the students have carried out not only many academic assignments, but also specific orders designated for industrial production and limited series for small manufacturers. „This inclusion of students into the real world of implemented projects we regard as the primary success of our joint work“, the duo describes a fundamental aspect
of their educational work.
The One after Another exhibition shows, via successfully produced designs, the developing professionalism and creativity of the Product Design Studio graduates. It is interesting to observe, with the retrospect of a few years, how they are doing with this work: from mass production
of packaging, medical and health aids, through purely industrial design of tools and instruments, up to household furnishings and lighting fixtures.
More than ten selected prototypes demonstrate that the successful graduates, who have managed to carry their designs through to manufacture, have an exceptional talent for moving the development of their field
a little further forward.
Exhibiting designers:
Dan Gonzalez
Jan Čtvrtník
Petr Mikošek
a Michaela Vrátníková
Mária Čulenová
Ondřej Tobola
a Radim Babák
Karel Matějka
a Petr Volhejn
Petr Polák
Anna Kozová
Filip Streit
Jan Čapek
Michal Malášek
Kryštof Nosál
Tomáš Varga
Roman Vrtiška
Lucie Koldová
Olgoj Chorchoj
Authors of the exhibition:
Michal Froněk, Jan Němeček, Michal Malášek,
MÜTANTA (Tomáš Varga, Dan Gonzalez,
Jakub Samek, Richard Rozhoň, Jaromír Skácel)
Graphic design:
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