One-to-one. Challenge of the white cube
Created: 12. 5. 2020 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

One-to-one. Challenge of the white cube

March 11th – April 25th, 2020


Galerie UM, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Praha 1

Open Monday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm

Free entry

Four-meter antique columns reminiscent of performance, shouts of slogans from election campaigns and an architectural intervention within the space of the gallery. The curatorial team of graduates from the Department of Theory and History of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague present five works of art created specifically for the exhibition at the UM Gallery. Using examples of media such as architecture, sound, performance, moving image, and graphic design, they focus on the specific features of individual works of art and the requirements for a suitable gallery installation as well as the subsequent perception of the viewer.

One-to-one. The curatorial team conceived the challenges of the White Cube as a reflection of the general issue of exhibiting the selected art media. As they enter the gallery (or specifically the so-called white cube space), each of the works has its own challenges arising from the ephemeral or time-consuming nature, the impossibility of moving or the high demands on the viewer, in any sense.

Each curator or couple invited one artist, designer or architect from the ranks of UMPRUM students and graduates to the exhibition. However, the authors of the exhibition did not aim to design universal solutions suitable for individual media. Emphasis is placed on the need to perceive the specific needs of individual works, cooperation with their creators and subsequent adequate installation. In several variations, this exhibition repeats the basic one-to-one formula, ie one-to-one, whether it be the artist-curator relationship, work-gallery, theory-practice or content-form.

The concept of the exhibition also reflects the individual focus of each curator on different manifestations of contemporary art and practice. Tereza Škvárová's individual theme is also a promotion of the exhibition as an integral part of today's gallery operations.

Related to this topic is the work of Nikola Ivanov, who together with Kateřina Hlahůlková are dedicated to exhibiting graphic design as a full-fledged artistic medium. Perceiving the exhibition poster as an independent artistic artifact demonstrates the nontraditional installation of archive posters at the Gallery UM.

Vojtěch and Marie Kordovsky turn directly to the UM Gallery dealing with the non-portability of architecture and display options without the use of models, plans, or info panels. A ready-made project responding to these facts involving the unveiling of a street window and a refined installation of mirrors.

Another site-specific work is an audio-visual installation by Julie Lupačová curated by Pavla Rousková and Klára Hudáková. Lupačová creates an image of the acoustic reality of the gallery, in which it links the created soundtrack with the amplified sounds of the gallery. The installation invites the visitor to realize the impact their presence has on the acoustics and thus on the exhibition space.

The work, which also requires the viewer's current involvement, is a nine-channel video by David Lipkovič, which thematically draws on the political situation and the recent pre-election campaign in Slovakia. The curator Matěj Forejt does not exhibit video in the form of a classic film projection, but on screens that are very close to the form and theme of this work. The viewer is thus actively involved in the search for his own way through the work on the border of reality and fiction.

In motion can be seen the work of Barbora Dayef, an artist dedicated to the medium of media performance. Curator Kristýna Péčová on the topic of temporary performance and its disappearance from the gallery space adds, among other things: "The traditional" ephemeral "performance, which is her most frequently mentioned problem of exhibiting, addressed by Dayef through a sculptural installation. It will be created directly during the opening and will preserve the first live event in the gallery space for the entire duration of the exhibition. ”

An important aspect of the One-to-One exhibition. The challenges of the White Cube also create possibilities for inter-studio cooperation at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, which were also reflected in the accompanying program in the form of speed dating between students and graduates of all educational fields and the public who is interested. Speed dating UM-to-PRUM will take place on April 23rd at 5 pm. In addition to this event, the program also includes a guided tour with curators and creators (March 26th at 6:00 pm), as part of the Art Week performance by Julie Lupačová (April 25th at 6:00 pm).

For the exhibition, the team of curators also published a set of essays in which the individual themes are further theoretically reflected.



Exhibiting artists: Barbora Dayef, Nikola Ivanov, Vojtěch Kordovský, Dávid Lipkovič, Julie Lupačová
Curators: Matěj Forejt, Kateřina Hlahůlková, Klára Hudáková, Marie Kordovská, Kristýna Péčová, Pavla Rousková
Executive Curators: Matěj Forejt a Kristýna Péčová
Graphic Design: Kateřina Hlahůlková
Promotion: Tereza Škvárová