Power of Identity II in London
Created: 18. 12. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Power of Identity II in London

The Atelier's show was a huge success and brought great offers for collaboration - as Liběna Rochová sees it looking back on the event.



The Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design presented their collection the Power of Identity II Memory of Fashion Message collection in London. The project was initiated by the head of the studio and the well-known fashion designer Liběna Rochová, who with her students for more than a year worked on creating a collection inspired by the origin of Czechoslovakia and Czech national history.

The models were first shown at the Japan House in London, and selected pieces were displayed in the London Czech Center Gallery, where they can be seen until January 13th.

And how is this great success, which among others brought very interesting offers for cooperation and confirmed UMPRUM’s position among leading fashion designers schools, seen by Liběna Rochová?


Your collections travel all over the world, most often to Japan, what brought you to London?

We received the offer to introduce the collection in London by the Czech Center. Tereza Porybná, the director of the London branch, saw our collection at the Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week and was so excited that she included it into the London program for the celebration of one hundred years of Czechoslovakia.


Introducing all the models abroad must be time-consuming and logistically challenging, what did you present in London?

We presented a newer part of the whole project called Power of Identity II. Otherwise, in addition, the collection was fully completed by the new designs of Barbora Procházková and Antonina Zablocka. In total, 12 designers were presented. Beyond the individual show, we screened Jakub Jahn's film about the studio's trip to Tokyo with a previous Japanese collection titled Calm Force and showed photos of student designs from the Bunka Fashion Graduate University, with whom we have been collaborating for several years.


Now that you have the opportunity to look back at the whole event, did it meet your expectations?

Certainly, it was a huge success. The hall of the Japan House was full, literally crammed. There is seating for 150 and we counted around 250 people. We convinced everyone, and it was proved by the fact that we immediately received a number of offers to collaborate with very prestigious British schools - Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion, and we also received an invitation from the director of the Graduate Fashion Week in London.


And now there is nothing left to ask, other than what are the students planning for the year of 2019?

We began working with students on a new project, the theme centers around ethics – Ethical Message. It is working with very current and pressing topics such as sustainability, recycling, zero waste and so on. We are planning to launch the collection at the Bunka Fashion Graduate University Fashion Week in January, followed by the Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week in March.
In addition, we are continuing our successful cooperation with Baťa. Right now we are currently working on an assignment the Evolution of Style. The point of the matter is a student’s competition like in previous years, where the best proposals will be realized, as in this year's example Tereza Kanyzová, or the year before Adam Kost and Linda Zabilková. Their shoes were sold in a limited collection all over the world.


The activity of the studio, as well as the breadth of interest, is remarkable, how do you motivate your students to perform at such a pace and high output?

 Students see that I myself work very hard, and it motivates them to perform, and that gives me pleasure.

Photo: Jan Pavelka

Whole collection you can see here: https://1url.cz/NMHE1 (photos by Nikola Šrajerová)