Prescribed Happiness
Created: 3. 6. 2021 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Prescribed Happiness / UMPRUM foreign exchange student exhibition


How can we achieve one of our dream goals, happiness? How can these paths be displayed? Foreign students of the Visual Arts master's program who study across all UMPRUM studios tried to find the answer.

The young creators tried to grasp the topic through various media, conceptual and aesthetic strategies, often using interactivity.

They focused on three life approaches to achieving happiness - asceticism, hedonism, and altruism - and elaborated on these themes in their works, including installations, paintings, objects, photographs, performances, videos, and a book. The exhibition was originally intended for the space of the Industra Gallery in Brno, but due to technical complications, individual works of three separate thematic units were installed within three days on the premises of the First Republic villa P561.

Although the exhibition dealt with happiness, it was not lucky, due to measures against the spread of the coronavirus, in the end, not a single person was able to visit. It is only possible to view retrospectively through photos and videos.  

Chief curator: Conrad Armstrong, Visual Arts program tutor
Curators of individual teams:
Hedonism: Luigi Gorlero and Helene Krieger
Altruism: Nahuel Gerth
Asceticism: Magda Chmielowska and Marta Savignano

Rajat Arya, India, Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design
Chloé Burkiewitz, France, Studio of Intermedia Art
Marc D´Urso, USA, Studio of Painting
Ann-Sophie Gehrig, Germany, Studio of Painting
Nahuel Gerth, Germany, Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communications
Luigi Gorlero, Italy, Studio of Type Design and Typography
Sasha Honigman, USA, Studio of Photography I
Magda Chmielowska, Poland, Studio of Illustration and Graphics
Utku Kocak, Turkey, Studio of Concept – Object – Meaning (K.O.V.)
Helene Krieger, Austria, Studio of Type Design and Typography
Ya Chu Kuo, Taiwan, Studio of Intermedia Art
Dóri Lázár, Hungary, Studio of Intermedia Art
Adrian Lesechko, Ukraine, Studio of Industrial Design
Minami Nishinaga, Japan, Studio of Sculpture
Carolina Prom, UK, Studio of Intermedia Art
Rodrigo Rosa, Portugal, Studio of Intermedia Art
Marta Savignano, Italy, Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communications
Hung Chiao Shih, Taiwan, Studio of Architecture III
Thor Stiefel, Iceland, Studio of Painting
Lavanya Thákur, India, Studio of Painting
Ema Veljanoska, Macedonia, Studio of Photography I
Byoung Chan Yun, South Korea, Studio of Glass




Photography: Kunstdoc
Video: Filip Hepnar