Preston Scott Cohen & Daniel Sherer - Paradigms and Genealogies: Baroque, Modern, Contemporary
Created: 13. 4. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Preston Scott Cohen & Daniel Sherer:

Paradigms and Genealogies: Baroque, Modern, Contemporary

Two Lectures and a Discussion between Preston Scott Cohen (Harvard GSD) and Daniel Sherer (Princeton University School of Architecture


26. 4. 2018, 18:00, Room No.115

Two talks about the relationships between theoretical work, architectural practice and history. Preston Scott Cohen will present his architectural design inspired by Italian architect Luigi Moretti whose novel approach to geometry serves not only as a historical precedent but provides a way of thinking about geometry and typology. Followed by a theoretical response by Daniel Sherer, the discussion presents a question about the status of a precedent, not only as a historical paradigm but also as a theoretical one. Where for Cohen Moretti is not only a historical figure or precedent, but provides a novel way of thinking, Sherer presents a strong historical and theoretical argument about this complexity of Moretti's role for him, and for the present, and for architecture as a discipline, by outlining three models of history: two used by the historian (reception history and genealogical history) and one more often used by the architect (paradigmatic or operative history) . The matter discussed is even more relevant given Moretti’s inspiration in the works of Borromini and in the transposition of typologies typical for the Czech projects of Borromini's Bohemian disciple, Jan Santini Aichel, who presents unusual parallels and analogies with contemporary forms known for their complexity and ambiguity, including those of Cohen himself.


Dr. Daniel Sherer is currently Visiting Faculty at Princeton University School of Architecture. He has taught history and theory of architecture at the Yale School of Architecture and Columbia GSAPP (1998-2017). He received his PhD from the Harvard University Department of the History of Art and Architecture in 2000. His areas of research include modern receptions of humanist architecture, Italian modernism with reference to the interaction of architecture, art, and design, Italian Renaissance and Baroque architecture, contemporary architecture, historiography and theory, and contemporary art, frequently in relation to architecture. He has published widely in European and American journals including Artforum, AA Files, Perspecta, Zodiac, Assemblage, The Journal of Architecture, and Potlatch. Most recently he has curated the exhibition "Aldo Rossi: The Architecture and Art of the Analogous City," at Princeton SOA on view from 5 February to 30 March 2018.


Preston Scott Cohen is the Gerald M. McCue Professor of Architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Design Principal of Preston Scott Cohen, Inc. based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Preston Scott Cohen, Inc. is renowned for the design of cultural, educational, commercial buildings and urban design projects including the Sarmiento Performing Arts Center in Bogota, Colombia; a new building for Taubman College at the University of Michigan and Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Cohen is the author of Lightfall (Skira Rizzoli, 2016), The Return of Nature (2015), Contested Symmetries (2001), and numerous theoretical essays on architecture.