Recollect, Gaze, Material in Common
Created: 22. 9. 2015 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Czech-Japanese Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition in Kyoto

 Exhibitors: Aleksandra Vajd (AAAD), Hynek Alt (AAAD), Ladislav Vondrák (AAAD), Peter Fabo (AAAD), Patrik Hábl (AAAD), Eva Červená, Akira Otsubo, Tets Ohnari


About this exhibition

We present works by two Japanese artists who have experience studying abroad in the Czech Republic and six artists living in the Czech Republic. These six latter artists will be introduced to Japan for the first time. We think of the exhibition title “Recollect、Gaze、Material in Common” as keywords that connect Czech and Japanese artists.
   The word “Recollect” has two meanings: “to re-collect” and “to remember”, which is a shared interest among Peter Fabo, Eva Červená, and Akira Otsubo. Fabo combines fragments of scrap wood into a sheet of wood, using marquetry techniques. Červená paints discarded clothes and commodities with light brushwork and tries to feel the existence or memories of the owners. Otsubo makes collage works by cutting out images or letters from old illustrated books, lithographs by duplicating old portraits, and considers the relationship between representation and name; image and memory.
   “Gaze” is a common keyword in the works of Aleksandra Vajd & Hynek Alt, Ladislav Vondrák. They consider the relationship between the self and others. Vajd & Alt will project a slide show of their masterpiece “portrait photos which they have taken of each other for 15 years”. Vondrák will exhibit video works which document his performance with his father. His works consider his relationship with his father and suggest the meaning or difficulty of facing the past generation and its history.
   “Material in Common” is the shared keyword in the works of Patrik Hábl and Tets Ohnari. Hábl makes abstract paintings inspired by the method of Oriental painting. Ohnari makes sculptural works using glass which has a long tradition in Czech. Also, Fabo and Otsubo’s works are suggestive of the connection with Japanese marquetry and “Concrete Poetry” in Czech.

   Kyoto and Prague are similar in certain respects: both cities have a long history and have the flexibility to create a new culture by passing down traditions. The exhibition venue, Zuiun-an, is a traditional Japanese house built about 100 years ago in Kyoto. In this historical place, we present contemporary art works and intend to show a dialogue between history and contemporaneity, between Czech and Japan. Since Kyoto and Prague aren’t the center of the art world, we try to find similarities and differences through a dialogue between these “marginal” places and to contribute to the promotion of cultural understanding.


From 12th Sep to 25th Oct (Saturdays,Sundays,Holidays)
Opening hours: 13:00-19:00

Place: Zuiun-an(Kyoto)
Address: 62-1 Kamigamo Minamioji-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 603-8074