Rike Frank - Textiles: Open Letter
Created: 6. 6. 2016 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Textiles: Open Letter

15. 6. 2016 lecture at 4 p.m.

Academy of Art, Architecture & Design in Prague, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Prague 1, 2nd floor, room 115

The increased presence of textile procedures and materials in recent art and exhibition practice raises a number of issues concerning their past and present roles. From a current perspective, textiles—and the history of movements like Fiber Art—are exemplary in the way they call into question the traditional boundaries of genre whose mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion have shaped modern art (history)—be it gender-specific attributions, a favoring of optical over tactile principles, a hierarchy of materials and media, or the divide between discourse and craft. While on the one hand this reappraisal highlights various interrelations between the different fields—especially with regard to textiles’ exhibition history—the above-mentioned oppositions have (almost) ceased to provide a source of tension for contemporary productions. How has the way we look at textiles shifted? And what functions do they have in contemporary artistic practice?

Rike Frank lives and works in Berlin and Oslo. She is a curator for contemporary art and film and an associate professor for exhibition history, theory, and practice at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. In 2012/2013 she co-curated the exhibition/research project "Textiles: Open Letter," which included "Abstraktionen, Textilien, Kunst" (Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach) and the 2012 solo show by Friedl vom Gröller (HGB Leipzig). She was head of curatorial office of documenta 12, curated the European Kunsthalle in Cologne in collaboration with Anders Kreuger and Astrid Wege, and the 2009/2010 program at Ludlow 38, New York City. Recently, she has edited the publications "Constanze Ruhm. Coming Attractions" (2012), "Sketches of Universal History Compiled from Several Authors" by Sarah Pierce (2013) and "Timing–On the Temporal Dimension of Exhibiting" (2014, co-editor) as well as "Textiles: Open Letter" (2014, co-editor).

Opening remarks by Karel Císař