Selection of the best works by UMPRUM students in 2014
Created: 5. 1. 2015 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

UMPRUM 2014 Exhibition

Selection of the best works by UMPRUM students in 2014


21st January – 15th March 2015 

Opening: 20th January 2015 

Veletržní  Palace in Prague

In January, students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design return to Veletržní Palace in Prague after a year to show their works created in 2014. UMPRUM 2014 Exhibition, subtitled "High time for combining the disperate and layerign materials in 2014." is a regular presentation by studios of the Academy. For the fourth time, the public will have the opportunity to become familiar with the creations of the youngest generation of artists who are studying at the most famous University of Art in the Czech Republic.

The choice was made by a trio of curators: Cyril Říha, Roman Brychta and Vít Havránek. In previous years, the selection of works was carried out by Federico Díaz and Karel Císař (Museum of Decorative Arts 2011), Maxim Velčovský and Tereza Bruthansová (Dox 2012) and David Kořínek, Marek Meduna and Robert V. Novák (Veletržní Palace 2013). The curatorial team changes every year and always consists of one theorist and one active artist, who at the same time is Head of one of the AAAD studios. 

 One of the students who stands out from the selection this year is Alena Hájková from the Glass Studio. She will exhibit her thesis, Demodocus, which is aimed at understanding the world of the blind. The main inspiration is the haptic perception of a person, in which different values are applied. The main part of the work is a beverage set, which is aimed at facilitating the use of glasses for the blind and their better orientation when dining. This is achieved by the modified  proportions of the glasses with minor haptic elements.

 Her classmate, Adéla Fejtková, from the K.O.V. (concept, object, meaning) Studio has become enthusiastic in the past year about grey cast iron, a specific material that is very strong and virtually indestructible. "I played with the idea of preserving in a permanent material something that is usually transient," Adéla explains the reason for her own varieties of apples being conserved in cast iron. That's how Hybridsa mysterious collection of candlesticks originated.

 Eduard Hermann (Product Design Studio) will present Šup Šup – a simple, minimalist wooden coat-stand. Eduard has been creating simple models of coat-stands made of skewers and rubber bands and, stage by stage, discovered that they can be "composed" by simply pulling the rods apart / pushing them together. The coat-stand fits into any interior and can carry a tremendous  amount  of clothes.

 Lukáš Kuba studies at the same studio. Lukáš has been collaborating  with the traditional Czech company of Tonak which manufactures hats. The result is an original hat based on the model of German war helmets.

 Lukáš Řípa (Industrial Design Studio) has followed up on the long-term collaboration between the AAAD and ŠKODA AUTO car manufacturers. His main goal was to design a vehicle according to the specific theme: "Ecomobility for a sustainable city" and also "Automobile as a statue (parking lot as a gallery)." The whole thesis is focused on a particular city, Mladá Boleslav, where the car manufacturer is based. As a consequence, the city has to deal with many problems related to local transportation. The system designed by Lukáš Řípa takes into account the interaction of the consumer with the product and guides the user to accept responsibility for its use. His vision is called Fit to Future City.

 Michael Tomalík´s Idol Chair has been ranked among the top ten of 2014 student design by DOMUS, the prestigious design magazine. He found the inspiration from his own childhood. "The period that I refer to, that is from about 5 to 12 years, is particularly inspiring to me because, at that time, I had no idea about design, taste or production technology. It was a period unburdened by knowledge," specifies Tomalík about what led him to create the bent and welded chair that, at first sight, reveals an unconventional approach.


Veletržní Palace

Dukelských hrdinů 530/47, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7 

Curators: Cyril Říha, Vít Havránek, Roman Brychta 

Graphic Design: Mutanta 

Opening: 20th January 2015 at 7 pm 

21.1.2015 – 15.3.2015


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PR Manager 

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