Slanted magazine #33 about Prague and UMPRUM
Created: 7. 6. 2019 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Slanted magazine #33 about Prague and UMPRUM

The current 33rd edition of Slanted magazine is dedicated to Prague and a large part of the content was shared by students, teachers, and graduates of the UMPRUM graphic studios.

One of Slanted Magazine's achievements is the founding of Slanted Publishers in 2014 by Lars Harmsen and Julia Kahl. It is published twice a year and follows international events in design and culture. It draws attention to remarkable works, brings a number of interesting articles and interviews with celebrities from around the world, such as New York, Tokyo, and Paris.

In August 2018, the Slanted editors and photographer Dirk Gebhardt took a close-up look at the contemporary design scene of Prague. They had a number of good reasons to visit Prague: They wanted to meet some good friends and great designer—but also wanted to immerse themselves in history and culture, see Josef Koudelka’s documentation of the Velvet Revolution, experience the disturbing world of Franz Kafka, enjoy the musical elegance of Dvorak and save their souls by inhaling the aura of UMRPUM, Prague’s Academy of Art, Architecture, and Design”, how the introduction to the 33rd edition starts.

The magazine is largely focused on the environment of the Czech graphic scene. Among the mentioned characters are a number of UMPRUM graduates as well as current students. Great emphasis is given to the Studio of Type Design and Typography, teachers Karel Haloun, Radek Sidun, Tomáš Brousil, Ph.D. student Petra Dočekalová and their joint book project TYPO9010, which has won many awards. Together with Jan Kloss and Matěj Činčera, the studio was actively involved in the preparation of many articles and recommendations for travelers. Other characters of UMPRUM, that got attention from Slanted Magazine, which we should name are Jindřich Janíček, Magdalena Rutová, Pavla Pauknerová, Petr Krejzek the head of the Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communications and his colleague Petr Babák from the Studio of Graphic Design and New Media.

The magazine, from the reader's point of view, is more like what is expected from a high-quality book, full of Prague-inspired illustrations, photographs, examples of works by contemporary graphic designers, interviews, essays, but also texts with a number of useful tips for travelers and visitors coming to Prague. In addition, Slanted magazine also presents Czech typography and the best types of Czech fonts.

Slanted Magazine and the latest Prague edition is also available to Czech readers. For example, the publishing house Page 5 has it for sale on its shelves.