Studio K.O.V. graduates at Marzee International Graduate Show
Created: 29. 8. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Graduates of the Studio Koncept - Object Meaning (K.O.V.) are presenting at the International Graduate Show in the Netherlands at the Marzee Gallery. As part of the 32nd annual Marzee International Graduate Show, the organizers have selected two Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) Bachelor's graduates from the K.O.V. studio - Jakub Křelina and Kateřina Michálková and Master's graduate Barbora Moravová.

This is an annual show of the most promising young graduates and young jewelers from around the world. This year more than 75 graduates from 36 different art schools from Europe, USA, Asia and Australia were selected.

Barbora Moravová presents her diploma thesis The Heroine, where she created objects bearing specific references to the feminine struggle for equality and archetypal abstract objects. Together they form symbolic tools for the The Heroine,  to introduce more feminist power into the present world.

Kateřina Michálková presents her bachelor’s work Lure of space. Only part of this extensive collection, including the brooches, can be seen at the exhibition. The whole project consisted of a sculpture, several objects and a collection of brooches. At first glance, the brooch looks like a massive piece of material, an object, and block without any other use, but when up close one is surprised by its subtlety, interior space, and engaging mechanism that makes it possible to wear.

The last representative, Jakub Křelina, describes his bachelor work 58 milionů okamžiků (58 million moments) as follows: "The work deals with the usability of the time period that was set for us to make the bachelor thesis. The basic value represented in the piece is the joy of working, being present in the moment itself, and the ways in which one is able to be conscious in that moment. The creator, in this case, becomes a kind of transformer, enabling one's ideas to come into existence and have a similar real material likeness as one's ideas, dreams, and opinions, in which case will spontaneously emerge an endless joy of work, but under conditions, where we can extract joy, creating, transforming and sharing it."

The Marzee Gallery is unique in supporting young talents. Since 1986, the Marzee International Graduate show has been offering the best fresh graduates the chance to exhibit in a world-renowned gallery. The Marzee Graduate Prize is also awarded during the opening of the exhibition. In 2016, Alžběta Dvořáková a graduate from the K.O.V. studio was awarded the Marzee Graduate Prize for her diploma thesis The Secret of Space.