SYNTHESIZING / DISTANCING - The Platform & Photosynthetic Landscapes from the Studio of Architecture III
Created: 10. 9. 2020 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

The Platform
& Photosynthetic Landscapes from the Studio of Architecture III

September 9th - 13th, 2020

Ars Electronica Festival, JKU Campus, Linz, Austria
Holešovická tržnice, Bubenské nábřeží 306, Praha 7 - Holešovice
Galerie Pragovka, Kolbenova 923/34a, Praha 9 - Vysočany


The Platform an experimental project from the Studio of Architecture III at the Ars Electronica Festival is trying to find solutions for the current environmental and epidemiological crisis.

The Ars Electronica Festival, now one big festival on the virtual network, responds to the most current topics and questions of today. For the first time, the festival will not be held in Linz, but in 120 places around the world, where so-called Ars Electronica “Gardens” will be established. The “Gardens” will appear on all continents of the world, including a research ship in Antarctica. The project will also be represented in Prague, where the Studio of Architecture III of UMPRUM the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague will present its “Gardens”.

 The Platform and Photosynthetic Landscape projects try to answer the current question of "How should we continue?" And offer solutions to the current environmental and epidemiological crisis. In their interventions, the designers try to combine seeming opposites - nature and technology, the concept of democratic openness versus safe isolation. The designers perceive the current situation and emphasize the need to bridge these contradictions into one functioning system.

 The Platform, a project by doctoral student David Kovařík and Shota Tsikoliya assistant of the Studio of Architecture III, focuses on changes in public space. "Until now, open public spaces for people to meet, exchange ideas and cooperate have been confronted with various precautionary measures. Society must increasingly cope with new demands, but at the same time strive to preserve the existing values of a democratic space. In (The Platform) project, we are testing the modification of a public space so that all the necessary restrictions have a natural and non-invasive character ", as Shota Tsikoliya explains the intent and at the same time the experiment of the project. Within an area of 6.25 m2 there will be a public meeting and distancing space created. Inspired by the textures of baroque gardens, which are meant to stimulate and adapt the public to the new demands of public space. The behavior of visitors will be monitored and the obtained data will be processed as a separate case study on the topic of the texture of public space.

 The project Photosynthetic Landscapes led by doctoral student Veronika Miškovičová also deals with the public environment, specifically the loss of greenery. The declining greenery is being replaced by a system of using photosynthetic organisms - algae. The project creates a modular organic system that pushes the boundaries of thinking about the intersection of nature and technology in the context of an environmentally oriented spatial installation.

 "We are aware that quality and thoughtful design and architecture can have a big impact on the surrounding environment and nature. We try to guide students to not only design more things but to imagine all the consequences they have on society and the environment. The (Photosynthetic Landscapes) and (The Platform) projects are an excellent example of our students' thinking and the direction of the school,says Rector Jindřich Vybíral.

 The projects will be presented on an international level as part of online presentations and screenings of the Ars Electronica Festival. In addition, after their debuts at the Austrian festival, the projects will be on display in their physical form at separate exhibitions, Photosynthetic Landscapes in the Pragovka Gallery, and The Platform in the Holešovice Market. UMPRUM students Sergei Gavroche, and Kryštof Novák from the graphic design and visual communication studio prepared special web pages for this occasion where viewers can in detail become acquainted with the projects. They will be launched on September 5th.


Photosynthetic Landscapes: Veronika Miškovičová, Vojtěch Kordovský, Adam Varga, Anna Ostlund
The Platform: Shota Tsikoliya, David Kovařík
Installation:  Shota Tsikoliya, David Kovařík, Veronika Miškovičová
Photography / video: Štěpánka Stein, Tomáš Zumr
Cooperation: Adam Varga, Petra Sochůrková, Sergei Gavroche, Kryštof Novák
Web: Sergei Gavroche, Kryštof Novák


Platform - David Kovařík and Shota Tsikoliya

Photosynthetic Landscapes - Veronika Miškovičová and team