TEXTile Manifestoes presented in Japan
Created: 4. 3. 2021 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze


TEXTile Manifestoes presented in Japan
fashion show on-line
2. 3. 2021 at BFGU Fashion Week


TEXTile Manifestoes, is an engaged project of students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) will present itself at the prestigious Japanese fashion event BFGU Fashion Week. The project represents the joint work of students from the Studios of Fashion and Footwear Design, Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communications, and the Studio of Type Design and Typography.

  "Cooperation of students from different disciplines bring new perceptions and insights. These overlaps are important for enriching creativity as well as for practical learning to collaborate. ” as Liběna Rochová the head of the UMPRUM Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design evaluates the benefits of cooperation with other fields.

 The main and connecting element of the whole collection is the chosen material, and graphically processed knitting. These kinds of manifestos carry various messages within them. In the designs and even in the cut patterns, young designers respond to today's burning questions of social problems, such as the global control of people, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, but also to the internal struggle with identity, memory, and mental health.

For example, we can name the SONDER collection by Eduard Ganoczy and Nahuel Gerth, who try to help patients with symptoms of self-harm and shift their negative feelings. NEZASTIŽEN (Undelivered) Agáta Seeháková and Klára Dvorská, on the other hand, humorously react to the joy and failures that come with the services of the Czech Post. The problem of public surveillance attracted the attention of Tomáš Němec and Matěj Vojtuš, who together created a kind of armor against methods of public surveillance. Their collection ID focuses on motifs and patterns that are difficult to decipher. The BAD KIDS collection is more on a lighter note, which was stimulated by an interest in tagging and writing in school toilets. Its creators, Jaroslav Vích and Filip Kominík project their ideas onto clothing through embroidery, printing, and cut patterns.

 TEXTile Manifestoes was meant to premiere in the spring of 2020 at Milano Design Week, which could not take place due to pandemic measures. The selection from the collection was presented in the autumn as part of Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week. Now it is part of a video presentation and online event at the BFGU Fashion Week in Tokyo, Japan.


Collection designers (fashion designer x graphic designer)
Jan Smejkal x Oskar Koutný / Jaroslav Vích x Filip Kominík /  Kristýna Hrabánková x Tereza Saitzová & Karolína Matušková / Valerie Jurčíková x Eva Rotreklová / Vojtěch Bašta x Jakub Kozelka / Kristýna Lovasová x Kryštof Novák / Hana Valtová x Nina Bohonová /  Aleš Hnátek x Martin Kyjovský / Julia Sadloňová x Sonni Scheuringer / Eduard Ganoczy x Nahuel Gerth / Natálie Nepovímová x Cindy Kutíková / Agáta Seeháková x Klára Dvorská / Tomáš Němec x Matěj Vojtuš / Alexandra Gnidiaková x Stefan Osciatka

Educational leadership - Liběna Rochová
Graphic Design - Jakub Novotný
Photography - Creative team under the leadership of Štěpánky Stein
Production - Michaela Kaplánková

Art Director - Anna Pospíšilová
Director of the Video - Filip Rejč
Camera Operators - Anna Pospíšilová, Šťěpánka Stein, Samuel Petráš
Video Editor - Eliška Vojtková
Photographer - Tereza Kopelentová
Producer - Michaela Kaplánková, Eva Valešová
Graphics Designer - Jakub Novotný
Music Producer - Vítězslav Šichtář (DJ)

Project Partners
Original knitwear for this project was created by the company NOVIA FASHION s.r.o.

Bunka Fashion Graduate University, Czech Center Tokyo, Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy České republiky, PRECIOSA, Tylex Letovice, a.s., Hlavní město Praha, Salon Petra Měchurová, Make-up Institute Prague, Kříž s.r.o., STUDIO HRDINŮ.
NOVIA FASHION s.r.o. and the production team of this company.