The Second edition Publication of Czech Glass
Created: 10. 12. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

The Second edition Publication of Czech Glass 

The UMPRUM publishing house has after 17 years published an extended edition of Sylva Petrová's book


The book was released on December 3rd and will hit bookstore shelves within the first half of December 2018


After 17 years the second edition of Sylva Petrová's successful book Czech Glass has been published. The extended, enhanced and revised version was published by UMPRUM Publishing House.

 The book was originally published in 2001 by the Jaroslav Kořán gallery. The book was very successful and gained great interest both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Evidence of which is that the book won the most beautiful book of the year 2001 within the category of professional publications and gained a number of positive awards from major research centers of European Glass Art, The French Sorbonne University, and the Düsseldorf Museum. However, the book did not have the opportunity to sufficiently extend to the public. The warehouse where the books were stored got hit by a massive flood in 2002 and the books were irretrievably destroyed.

  The author of the book, Sylva Petrová, did not give up and managed to get a grant from the Czech Ministry of Culture, along with sponsors - Lasvit and the Kuzebauch Gallery to publish an extended version with added chapters and to establish cooperation with the UMPRUM Publishing House. They took over the financing and production of the book. The original idea and of this second edition is an encyclopedic introduction to the issue of Czech studio glass after the Second World War. It provides an overview of how Czech glass has evolved, how art trends changed and how various events influenced it. "In the second edition, we felt the need to update and expand the period after 2000, where the first edition ended. In addition to experimental, individually designed glass, the last chapter presents an outline of contemporary trends - glass design. It is a selection of authors and their works with an emphasis on artistic contribution, often the work balances on the boundary of studio work and tries to draw it nearer " as Sylva Petrová explains the changes to the new edition.

  The book can be appreciated even by readers who do not follow all the realities of Czech glass. The text is compiled as a sum of information about its development in social and technological contexts. The chapters can also be read independently from each other because they are built as an independent whole. The text thus provides the opportunity to look at any part of the book, thus obtaining some basic encyclopedic knowledge about the problems and period of Czech glass after 1945.

  Even in the second edition, Czech Glass upholds a high-quality level of production. This is mainly thanks to the collaboration with graphic designer Rostislav Vaněk and photographer Gabriel Urbánek. The book should appear on bookstore shelves in the first half of December in Czech and English versions.




Concept, text, and documentation: Sylva Petrová
Professional Review: Milan Hlaveš
Collaboration on documentation: Kateřina Lokvencová, and Klára Mrkusová
Editing and language proofing: Jana Křížová
Processing bibliographic data: Eva Mertová, Anna Rýznarová, and Library of the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague
Translation : Štěpán Suchochleb, Beata Havelská
Editors: Alžběta Soperová
Language proofing - English version: Nicholas Orsillo
Photography: Gabriel Urbánek

Graphic Design: Rostislav Vaněk
Pre-print preparation photography and composition: David Faigl
Production: Sylva Macková
Typography: Fenomen Sans, Signature Type Foundry
Printing: Indigoprint s.r.o.


It was published by the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague in 2018.




PhDr. Sylva Petrová - Curator, researcher, publicist and by 2012 a Professor at the University in Sunderland, England. Currently, she lives and works as a freelancer in Prague. From the year 1985 to 1998 she worked in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. She has published nine publications in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Italy, Finland, USA, etc., and contributed to forty-three other publications and wrote hundreds of articles, lectures, catalogs and magazines around the world on contemporary glass.