Tomáš Račák and Oskar Koutný: Dykobraz
Created: 24. 1. 2020 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Tomáš Račák and Oskar Koutný: Dykobraz

Opening: January 30th at 7 p.m.

Duration: January 31st – February 23rd

NIKA Gallery, Metro B Karlovo náměstí hall (direction Palackého náměstí)


An exhibition created by the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design students Oskar Koutný (Graphic Design and Visual Communication studio) and Tomáš Račák (Architecture I studio) cracks open a very common phenomena of the social media community – a request demanded by a single unsolicited photo. They deal with controversial topics that we do not often discuss and are even ashamed of – but still take part in the practice.

Porcupine (Hystrix): Rodens of larger size. In some countries they are hunted for being pests but also for their meat that is supposed to be tasty.

Dick pic (vulgar slang): The electronic transfer of man’s genitals image into another persons cellular device. (Urbandictionary)


Warning: Simplifying and shortening the means of communication leads to the damage of the correct way of expressing oneself, substituting words, deforming grammar and incapability of normal communication.

Curators: Mariana Pecháčková, Zuzana Dusilová, Eva Slabá
Graphics: Jirka Macků