Typo 9010
Created: 30. 11. 2015 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

This publication charts 20 years of typeface design in the Czech Republic, creating a chronological archive of fonts and type designers. The book unites an encyclopaedic collection of digitized typefaces into one large font zoo”, with fauna ranging from the practically lost to the immensely popular. The fonts are tested right in texts that describe the wild Nineties, well-detailed Noughties and skyrocketing Teens. This episode in Czech type design represented a critical period in its rich history.

 Typo 9010 starts from 1990, a time when computers were starting to replace phototypesetting and copying letters by hand, and ending with 2010, when almost a dozen small type foundries were operating in the country. The book captures the most important moments at the oldest Czech type design studio (at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague) and recapitulates the most important milestones in the industry. Short texts by Czech and international typographers describing the atmosphere of the times are distributed throughout the book, which aims to present Czech type design and its digital beginnings in as much detail as possible while placing it into an international context.


Publication includes

399 typefaces, a total of 1,902 styles! Sans, serifs, scripts and more. 

103 type designers, enthusiasts, students, graphic designers, typographers and type foundries.

8 texts by Petr Babák, Filip Blažek, Veronika Burian, Karel Haloun, Ondřej Chorý, Bas Jacobs, Pavel Noga, Jan Solpera and František Štorm.

288 pages full of fonts, designers, texts and photographs.




Petra Dočekalová

Design concept
Zuzana Lednická

Graphic design
Zuzana Lednická
, Radek Sidun, Jiří Veselka

Petr Babá
k, Filip Blažek, Veronika Burian, Karel Haloun, Ondřej Chorý, Bas Jacobs, Pavel Noga, Jan Solpera, František Štorm


Typo 9010 is a bilingual publication (English and Czech)


Published by BiggBoss, Prague 2015

Financial support for the publication of this book has been provided by the UMPRUM Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.