UMPRUM and Bunka Fashion Graduate University at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week
Created: 28. 8. 2017 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

UMPRUM and Bunka Fashion Graduate University at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week


Fashion Show: Monday 4th September at 1pm
Koloseum Štvanice Tennis Arena, Prague 7


Students of the Fashion Design Studio and Fashion and Footwear Design Studio at the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) together with students of the prestigious Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU) from Japan will present a joint series of fashion shows at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week.

UMPRUM’s fashion and clothing accessories studios continue to blaze a trail on the international scene with recent successes at the International Fashion Showcase in London and at a number of other fashion shows abroad. UMPRUM is proud of its close and long-term partnership with the Bunka Fashion Graduate University in Japan. Following on from the exhibition and fashion show presented by students of UMPRUM’s Fashion and Footwear Design Studio at the 2015 Bunka Graduate Fashion Week in Tokyo, the Japanese university has now been invited to Prague to collaborate on a joint fashion show with UMPRUM. BFGU professor Shoji Babazono will hold a special workshop for UMPRUM students on Tuesday 5th September as part of the event.

“Our association with Bunka Fashion Graduate University is one that UPMRUM is very proud of and it continues to be a source of inspiration for our students. I’m delighted that our partnership has strengthened year on year and that we’re still finding new projects and opportunities for students from both schools,” says Liběna Rochová, Head of the Fashion and Footwear Design Studio and originator of the partnership between the two schools.

The fashion show will be divided into three collections. Bunka Fashion Graduate University will present The New Creators’ Show featuring original collections by four of its graduates: Takumi Sakurai with Pirka, Shao-Huai Chiu with It’s All Our Fault, Supawee Hirunpanich with Taboo and You Liang with Open Your Heart.

UMPRUM’s Fashion and Footwear Design Studio led by Liběna Rochová will present their latest project Real Fashion For Real People. Tasked with creating a fashion collection for six people, all from a wide range of social classes, students draw inspiration from people they know personally or from contacts on social networks. The focus of the project is on creating individual styles for real people.

Rochová outlines the idea behind the project: “With this project, the students have learned how to sustain a creative concept throughout an entire collection and have come to understand what that process exactly entails – from acquiring all of the elements to determining a sales price and getting feedback from customers.”

UMPRUM’s Fashion Design Studio led by Pavel Ivančic will introduce the film-inspired project Beyond the Frame, which explores how film narratives inspire fashion. The students selected four titles from film and television – Orlando, The Fruit of Paradise, Dazed and Confused and Twin Peaks. Their brief was to trace the legacy of each title and draw a parallel to the present in order to emphasise how perspectives and ideas change down through the generations.

Pavel Ivančic gives some background to his students’ work: “The collection is the result of the students’ individual interpretations of their materials. Here, they reveal elements of self-reflection and irony, come up with original methods and ways of working, present traditional themes in unexpected forms and find new perspectives and ideas. They have succeeded in shifting the borders of human perception as well as interrogating the hierarchy of relationships and general stereotypes, and all in a very original way.”


All three collections by students of the Bunka Fashion Graduate University and UMPRUM will be shown on Monday 4th September at 1pm as part of the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week on Prague’s Štvanice Island.  



Presenting students:
Bunka Fashion Graduate University: Takumi Sakurai, Shao-Huai Chiu, Supawee Hirunpanich, Yu Liang
Fashion Design and Footwear Studio: Adam Kost, Agáta Seeháková, Antonina Zablocká, Linda Zabilková, Natalie Dufková, Natalie Nepovímová, Tereza Kanyzová, Karolína Karpíšková, Kateřina Hynková,
Barbora Procházková, Pavlína Miklasová
Fashion Design Studio: Mikuláš Brukner, Jan Grabowski, Renáta Dračková, Vendula Niklová, Markéta Kaplánová, Mia Jadrná, Sára Sedláková, Kristína Duhová, Karolína Liberová

About Bunka Fashion Graduate University

Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU) was founded in Tokyo in 2006 as the first Japanese university to specialise in fashion design and management. BFGU cultivates talents with academic knowledge but also practical skills. The aim of the university is to educate students so that they can establish their own brand, manage a fashion company and create original work that is able to compete within the international fashion industry.



About UMPRUM’s Fashion Design and Footwear Studio
The studio focuses on garments, footwear and accessories as creative concepts. It prioritises the development of creative thinking and unique design, while fostering a broad-minded approach to the search for new forms. Students are encouraged to find their own resources and materials based on their own individual personalities. At the same time students are taught to adapt and transfer their original ideas to commercial forms in order to prepare them for the “real world” of the Czech and international ready-to-wear industry. Students are also guided in how to establish and manage their own brands.
Collections by students of the Fashion Design and Footwear Studio feature regularly at exhibitions and shows in the leading fashion cities of the world, including New York, London and Tokyo. The studio has been recognised with a number of awards on the domestic and international scene. The studio has been led by Liběna Rochová since 2008.


About UMPRUM’s Fashion Design Studio
The prestigious Fashion Design Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague has been at the forefront of the elite Czech fashion scene ever since its founding in 1949. The studio takes an individual approach to students and a comprehensive view of fashion in all its forms – from ready-to-wear collections through industrial design to original conceptual work. Under the leadership of Pavel Ivančic, the studio supports the development of students as all-round professionals with strong individual designer identities.