Created: 13. 1. 2016 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Exhibition opening on Tuesday the 19th January at 7 pm.

Exhibition runs till 13th March 2016.

Open: Tuesday–Sunday 10am–6pm

The National Gallery in Prague, Trade Fair Palace
Dukelských hrdinů 47, 170 00 Prague 7



The annual exhibition of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague presents a selection of student works created during the 2014/2015 academic year. At the same time it constitutes a representative culmination to the celebrations of the 130 year jubilee of founding of the school.
The exhibition comprises
selected works from all 23 studios as well as works resulting from the Visual Arts English language study programme. Apart from the exhibits themselves, the show attempts, via critiques by the professional community, to bring a critical perspective on the issue of art education and the institution itself. UMPRUM ATTACK! aims to create a critical platform that would help bring feedback to the school, as well as presenting the institution to the public as an environment of creative chaos, open-ended experimentation, professional discipline, a proud tradition and a compulsion to take a stance in opposition to it.

Artistic education can be viewed as a continuous process of institutionalization and de-institutionalization, development, inertia and creative anarchy, professional discipline and risky experiments, proud tradition and a compulsion to take a stance in opposition to it. UMPRUM’s worthy one hundred and thirty years will be written into the history of design, architecture and fine arts in the Czech lands, in which our professors, graduates and undergraduates occupy a special place. This would be excessively binding for the school if it didn't also apply that many with no training, unfettered by an academic framework, also brought a fresh outlook to established thinking.

 UMPRUM ATTACK! aims to be a platform that will bring feedback to the Academy and catalyse interaction between the school and the external environment. "The exhibiting students were selected according to the criterion of greater or lesser attack (meant positively, but decisively) against a discipline, medium or convention and the contemporary world in general," is how Iva Knobloch, one of the curators, describes the concept of the exhibition. On the other hand, a number of critically and positively distinctive personalities, often with foreign experience, were invited to comment on the existing system of training and the situation of graduates (Dominika Applová, Helena Doudová, Vlastimil Havlík, Pavel Hnilička, Matěj Chabera, Ondřej Chorý, Olo Křížová, Michal Kuzemenský, Petra Matějovičová, Aleš Najbrt, Petr Nový, Sylva Petrová, Tomáš Pospiszyl, Veronika Ruppert, Evžen Šimera and Alan Záruba). Is UMPRUM in danger of becoming a black box, closed off from the world of the 21st century with its hectic social and technological changes?

 "When thinking about the installation and the catalogue, we subconsciously had in mind the 1956 London exhibition This Is Tomorrow, which revealed a new perspective on creative activities and their meaning," says Iva Knobloch. The exhibition was not conceived as a show of individual works, but as the collective, multidisciplinary creation of an environment. The UMPRUM ATTACK! exhibition had a sneak preview in the Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communication, in which everything was concentrated into one "Attack Environment". The photographer Václav Jirásek then shot this whole, which might be reminiscent of a cabinet of curiosities, surreal environment or set design of an imaginary space. Its appeal lay primarily in the fact that the most important things that characterize UMPRUM were concentrated in one space – namely the interaction and exchange of energy between the students themselves, which is not directed, and for that is all the more immediately intense.


Curators:  Lukáš Fišárek, Petr Krejzek, Iva Knobloch and Pavla Pauknerová Architectural ddesign: Ondřej Císler
Graphic design: Jonatan Kuna and Daniel Šmíra
Photographs: Václav Jirásek
Production: Šárka Váňová and Ondřej Čech (Sudio Griff)