Created: 21. 9. 2016 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

UMPRUM at the 10th Vienna Design Week


30th September 2016 – 9th October 2016
Opening: 29th September at 7pm
Vienna Design Week, Schlossgasse 14, Vienna
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm

A regular part of Vienna Design Week is an exclusive section dedicated to design schools entitled ‘Debut’, pairing one school from Austria with another school from abroad. This 10th jubilee year introduces Fachhochschule Oberösterreich – Campus Hagenberg (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria) and Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze – UMPRUM (Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague).

Vienna Design Week is a great challenge for UMPRUM. One of the goals of the Debut section is to introduce to the public an ideal platform for establishing methods of creating and teaching. Prof. Jindřich Smetana, rector of the school explains its mission: “Today we are seeing an increasing trend towards debating the cultural and creative industries. However we are often witness to the blind pursuit of external elements which can take us away from the core values of authenticity, diversity and quality. The main task of schools such as UPMRUM is to protect these values and to develop them in a natural way.”

The idea behind the exhibition – UMPRUM Prague Calling – is loosely based on this year’s major exhibition UMPRUM Attack! Running at the National Gallery in Prague, it once again opens a space for mutual interaction and dialogue.

The event focuses on design studios, applied arts and graphic design. A selection of projects is introduced, all looking for atypical solutions, seeking to shift within their own fields and highlight the unexpected possibilities of new technologies in traversing everyday borders. Take the interactive thesis by Magdalena Rutová or the speculative project Summer Letná by Lucie Jančová, which works with the augmented reality of the graphic designer’s work. Visitors are invited to try out the wooden tools of Matěj Hanauer based on the Inspiro drawing system or become part of Daniel Krejčí’s project which collects the scanned data of the person to create a generative sculpture.

Due to the limited space of the installation, the exhibition is inspired by the form of Kunstkammer (cabinets of curiosities). Curator Pavla Pauknerová describes the concept behind the exhibition and installation: “An important element is the juxtaposition that is created between this special tension and the interaction of individual projects on show. In a way we also wanted to show the spirit of our school through its fusion of an entire spectrum of ideas and designs, which all help to make UMPRUM’s multidisciplinary scope so unique and creative.”

And the meaning behind the name UMPRUM Prague Calling? Petr Krejzek, head of the Graphic Design and Visual Communication Studio and curator of the exhibition explains: “The title deliberately evokes the international 1980’s hit Vienna Calling by Falco, a native of Vienna. We were really surprised when we found out quite by chance that until 1982 Falco had lived on the neighbouring street at 37 Birgelogen Gasse.


Curators: Petr Krejzek and Pavla Pauknerová
Architecture: Ondřej Čech
Graphic design: Jonatan Kuna and Daniel Šmíra
Production: Michaela Kaplánková