UMPRUM publishing house publishes the Manual of Diacritics
Created: 28. 1. 2022 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

UMPRUM publishing house publishes the Manual of Diacritics,
the very first picture manual for the creation of the Latin alphabet was awaited by typographers and typists around the world.





How to deal with diacritical marks when they are missing, ugly or difficult to read in the selected font? This is the easiest way to describe the benefits of the latest book by UMPRUM Publishing House, Manual of Diacritics. Its author, typographer Radek Sidun, managed to compile the first textbook on the creation of Latin alphabet diacritics in the world, including both theory and, above all, specific examples.


The book responds to the rise of digital typography, which offered a huge range of different fonts, but many alphabets did not count with special characters and diacritical marks, used especially in Central Europe, including accents of Czech.
"This situation is probably encountered by all graphic designers. The font they want to use often does not contain the full range of characters in the selected language. From time to time, bizarre creations appear that hurt rather than help readability,” explains Radek Sidun, why he chose this topic. His publication focuses on thirty fonts and offers support for the 33 most common Latin alphabet languages. He shows examples of usage on different styles, changes given by tilt, width, or thickness. The main benefit of the publication is the visual representation of all examples that will help find the easiest solution. "I just lacked illustrative examples in previous publications. They dealt with the issue mainly in the form of verbal description," the author mentions the contribution of his book.


“Diacritical marks are part of the cultural heritage of most European nations. The ‘Manual of Diacritics’ captures this heritage and makes it available in a summarized and comprehensible form to all creators who are interested in ensuring that their production respects local typographic customs,” evaluates the new publication typographer Filip Blažek. 


The offer of published titles of UMPRUM Publishing House is wide and varied. The books that will help expand the practical knowledge of their readers are of great interest. These include the latest title, Radek Sidun's book, Manual of Diacritics, an irreplaceable tool for creators of fonts not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The publication is available to readers in both Czech and English language versions. 




Photo: Tomáš Zumr