UMPRUMSHOP - re-think, re-cycle, up-cycle
Created: 9. 12. 2019 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze


re-think, re-cycle, up-cycle


Grand opening: Tuesday, December 17th, 2019 at 6 pm
Exhibition open until: December 21st, 2019

Gallery UM, UMPRUM, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Praha 1
Open: 11am–8pm                                                          

Free Entry


 If you want to buy an original Christmas present without the remorse of  supporting a global, consumer market, UMPRUMSHOP is the solution for you. The latest sales presentation of students and graduates of UMPRUM focused on re-think, re-cycle, and up-cycle.

 The eleventh UMPRUMSHOP opens the second decade of its existence and at the same time is returning to its beginning. The primary objective is to continue to present and sell original creative work of UMPRUM students and graduates, and at the same time, they seek to revise their approach and respond as sensitively as possible to current social issues related to the environmental crisis.

 “The curatorial selection focuses primarily on high-quality local products that contribute positively to spreading a conscious approach to shopping, possessing things and an interest in their origins. During the selection we also preferred works that were created with respect to the concept of zero waste ”, says the project coordinator, assistant of the Studio of Fashion Design Alice Klouzková.

 This year's UMPRUMSHOP will offer works by 61 young artists and designers with a number of different products - home accessories, glass and porcelain items, clothing and fashion accessories, jewelry and even glasses. Many popular designers, as well as newcomers, are represented in the field. Visitors can look forward to Renata Dračková's quilted sweaters, Anna Menger breathes new life into second-hand T-shirts with original prints, Barbora Procházková makes designs and instructions on how to make yourself designer fashion pieces, Mikuláš Procházka's fanny packs and backpacks are made from remnants and old advertising banners, Ondřej Vicena creates glasses from discarded frames. Works from ceramics and porcelain will also be represented. We can mention Nela Britaňáková's planted pots, which she made and cultivated herself, and Anna Jožová's crystal vases, which incorporate colored shards of glass. UMPRUMSHOP is again partnering with ELPIDA. The proceeds from the socks that the grandmothers knit from the remains of unused wool will go on for charity purposes.

 In addition to the offered products, designers also took a creative approach towards the installation of the UM Gallery. For the pre-Christmas market, they use exclusively used furniture and residual materials that are created during school projects. “We don't want to represent recycling and upcycling only as a topical issue or even a fashion trend. We perceive it rather as an obvious part of the work of designers in the 21st century,” say the students of the Studio of Fashion Design, under whose auspices the whole event takes place.



The history of UMPRUMSHOP started in 2009 when it was named VŠUP SHOP (both names are based on the abbreviation of the school). This pre-Christmas market was created with the initiative of the students of the Studio of Fashion Design, which was led by prof. Josef Ťapťuch. Their focus was mainly on fashion, jewelry, and small accessories. The students smoothly established this tradition with the current head of the studio Pavel Ivančic. With the rising interest of the public, the offer expanded to book publications, paper products, glass, porcelain, small accessories for the interior, and even student made cosmetics. The last few years of UMPRUMSHOP started to emphasize not only the presentation of student work but also the topic of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.