Vividbooks & Nyiny Chairs at London Design Festival
Created: 21. 8. 2019 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Vividbooks & Nyiny Chairs
UMPRUM to present the most remarkable diploma projects at London Design Festival

14-22 September 2019


London Design Festival
15a Cromwell Place Kensington, London, United Kingdom

Open: Mon-Wed and Sat-Sun 10a.m. – 6p.m.; Thu 10a.m. – 9p.m.; Fri 10a.m. –7p.m.



The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) will deal with laws of nature, specifically, physical laws of nature at this year’s London Design Festival. On this occasion, it will present two most remarkable diploma projects of 2019 - Vividbooks by Vít Škop and Nyiny Chairs by Adam Štok.

 Physics, which follows a number of natural phenomena, plays a significant role in the perception and functioning of our world. Thanks to physics, people were able to develop sophisticated technologies that themselves determine the way we recognise and learn today. This also influences an additional relation to our surroundings.

 The two projects of two fresh UMPRUM graduates can, in this context, be considered as two sides of one coin. Vividbooks shows how recognition and mediation of basic laws of nature could develop in the future. Presently, when the majority of people just accept information superficially, the interactive textbook of Vít Škop allows the material to be understood and tried out. Physical phenomena are explained here using an augmented (extended) reality and in a playful and enjoyable form. It combines an interactive textbook in the tablet with worklists, motivates towards collective problem solution, and towards searching for one's own path to knowledge. It provides information dynamically and principles of many phenomena can be modelled and subsequent events understood.

 On the contrary, the Nyiny Chairs collection represents materialisation of technological research and the real application of physical laws of nature. Adam Štok focused on the principle of hydraulic pressing, bending and shaping of metal tubes and succeeded here in extending the technology of flattening metal.  The final form of Nyiny Chairs, which works with smooth transitions from the material to the surface and vice versa, was preceded by lengthy preparations and tests. Adam works with flattening as a functional plane, which projects itself subsequently not only into the aesthetic facet but also into the product manufacture facilitation. Moreover, he also exploits the options for ecological finish coats of metal furniture.

 "The UMPRUM exposition offers new ways to educate the new generation how to better perceive problems, and shows also that even facts that we take for granted can be changed," adds the UMPRUM rector, Mr. Jindřich Vybíral.


Vividbooks & Nyiny Chairs can be viewed in the former garage premises in the London borough of Kensington, not far from the Victoria & Albert Museum. Visitors will be able to try out how various physical tasks can be resolved using the interactive textbook and how comfortable Nyiny Chairs are.



Exhibitors: UMPRUM represented by Vít Škop, Adam Štok
Educational leadership:  Petr Babák, Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák
Architectural design of the exhibition:
Adam Štok and Vít Škop
Graphic design:
Vít Škop
Photos: Tomáš Slavík
Michaela Kaplánková




Vividbooks - Vít Škop

Nyiny Chairs - Adam Štok

Photo: Tomáš Slavík