Výpal. 100 Years of Ceramics and Porcelain Studio UMPRUM
Created: 8. 6. 2019 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Výpal. 100 Years of Ceramics and Porcelain Studio UMPRUM

June 8th – July 27th, 2019

Late opening night: June 14th, 2019 at 7 pm
The exhibition will be launched by Maxim Velčovský, Milan Pekař and Martin Vaněk, accompanied by the band Muzička.

Galerie UM, UMPRUM, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Praha 1

Open Monday – Saturday 10 am – 6 pm

The studio of ceramics and porcelain is celebrating its 100th anniversary. On this important occasion of the jubilee, students of the studio, under the leadership of teachers Maxim Velčovský, Milan Pekař, and curator Martin Vaněk, prepared an exhibition of works responding to the atelier's history. The exhibition, with its distinctive title Výpal (Firing), will be on display at UM Gallery until July 27th.

The 100-year anniversary always encourages the balance of past events and the actions of individual actors. At a period when such an anniversary is celebrated, more than ever it is a time when we encounter the past, present, and future. We decided to reflect upon the most important creative processes that have been promoted by individual studio leaders throughout the century. It is a journey that has its own strong inherent testimony in the current reading and interpretation of the artistic expression of its predecessors,” says curator Martin Vaněk about the overall concept of the exhibition.

Ten selected students from different class years then responded to the work of a concrete studio head or reflected the overall work of studio leaders based on studies, legends, and memories of living witnesses. It is not at all scientific, but an art project using moments of appropriation, paraphrasing, criticism and the negation of authority. The artists thus re-evaluate, ironize or on the contrary, adore the important figures of the studio and their teaching methods. The exhibition reflects the six most important leaders, from the founder of the studio - Helena Johnová, Otto Eckert, Bohumil Dobiáš younger, Václav Šerák, Pavel Knapek, up to the current head Maxim Velčovský and assistant professor Milan Pekař.

Exhibited will be not only typical ceramic and porcelain objects such as vases, figural and abstract sculptures and reliefs of small and monumental scales but also multimedia installations.

Among the works that captivate upon first glance with their monumental character include the relief by Veronika Hankeová entitled Otisk, which was created during studio consultations and represents its record. Among work on the topic of environmental crisis is the large ceramic sculpture by Jerguš Gálik and the installation by Nela Britaňáková. The symbolic wardrobe - oltář (the altar) - was created by David Ramdan, who developed the theme of symbolic handing-over of the studio. The exhibition also features celebratory vases of contemporary studio leadership (artist Tereza Hrušková), busts of individual teachers by Monika Martykánová, abstract sculptures by Dávid Valovič and Zuzana Viszusová respond to the works of Otto Eckert and Václav Šerák. Jana Jaroszová installed an entrance gate consisting of industrially produced and original mugs, and last but not least, it is important to mention Quynh Trang Tran's project, who created a VR vision of the future studio.

Výpal or (Firing) is one of the most important final processes of ceramic and porcelain production. This is why this term was chosen as the title of the exhibition. It also suggests creative energy, as well as its extinguishing, which threatens every graduate after leaving the studio if they do not find in themselves a way to further their successful realizations. Many of the exhibited works are at the same time student diploma projects.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog of the same name, in addition to the exhibitors mentioned above the creators are Lada Hubatová-Vacková, Martin Vaněk, and Maxim Velčovský.



Exhibiting artists: Nela Britaňáková, Veronika Hankeová, Tereza Hrušková, Jerguš Gálik, Jana Jaroszová, Monika Martykánová, David Ramdan, Quynh Trang Tran, Dávid Valovič, Zuzana Viszusová

Exhibition curator: Martin Vaněk
Educational leadership:
Maxim Velčovský, Milan Pekař
Exhibition architecture:
Klára Bužková
Graphic Design:
Matěj Martinec
Peter Fabo
Šárka Váňová

About the Ceramics and Porcelain Studio
The Studio of Ceramics and Porcelain of UMPRUM is currently led by Maxim Velčovský with assistant Milan Pekař. It builds on the 3C concept (craft, concept, context). On the way to a quality result, they consider it important to link not only the craft with the concept but also to analyze the work in context. The need to be aware of the context is a crucial moment for the creation of another product or project is essential. They also emphasize the mission in the applied arts field.