We want machines to become more human while we are becoming machines
Created: 4. 9. 2018 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

We want machines to become more human while we are becoming machines

Wearable fashion for Millennials
From artificial intelligence to social intelligence


September 6th  - 10th, 2018



The multimedia Artificial intelligence project by the students of the Fashion Design Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague attracted the organizers of the ARS ELECTRONICA festival in Linz, Austria, so much so that they invited them to be one of the main guests of the festival in the Campus section. Here they will present their exhibition We want machines to become more human while we are becoming machines.

The students led by Pavel Ivančic approached their fashion projects as an interdisciplinary platform and for two semesters explored the phenomenon of artificial intelligence from the perspective of the Millennial generation. They connected new technologies and attitudes towards social responsibility and used a sustainable approach towards production and consumption.

The project draws on recognizing artificial intelligence as a tool that can help us become more human. We realize that the position of mankind is uncertain and that humans are imperfect. Mistakes and shortcomings lead people to creativity and improvisation, and thanks to new technologies, we can change the situation for the better," says Pavel Ivančic the leading professor of the studio.

The models that can be seen at Ars Electronica themed “Error - the Art of Imperfection”, were preceded by intensive research, experimentation, and consultation with a number of specialists in the innovation area and new technologies. The students bring their own creative visions, original methods, unique ideas, and a number of different approaches to create positive change in society.

Nataliye Grimberg’s project, Hey Siri, what should I wear?, is one of many worth mentioning. Grimberg designed a collection based on the dialogue of artificial intelligence - virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Alice. Vendula Niklová’s project addressed the needs of the global digital nomad community with her design EZY7907. This piece exceeds the features of classic clothing, it not only functions as a coat but also as a pillow, blanket, and sleeping bag. Anna Tran's collection Identity camouflage / Look who's watching is a playful response to recognition systems aimed at identifying the face and other physiognomic features of humans.

"We are introducing a world where different ideas and cultures can connect and create something new, something that unifies art, design, science, technology, and spirituality - where fashion becomes the medium to change reality in the direction of meeting human needs", as Pavel Ivančic emphasizes the importance of the project.


Curator and Head of the Studio of Fashion Design: Pavel Ivančic
Graphics and Architectural design:
Daniela & Linda Dostálková
Assistant to the Studio of Fashion Design: Alice Klouzková
Photography & Set Design: Jan Kolský
3D visualization & video: Vojtěch Rada
Music: Misty Picture
Music supervisor: Marek Kovář