School Workshops


Plaster Workshop
Miroslav Spousta, tel.: 251 098 214
Miloslav Vodehnal, tel.: 251 098 214

Metal Workshop
Ing. Miloš Vopálenský, tel.: 251 098 218

Wood Workshop
Petr Kučera, tel.: 251 098 211

Some tools (drills, jack planes, various saws, grinders, chisels, pliers, hand trucks, etc.) are available for rent/borrow.




Departmental Workshops


Department of Architecture:

Model Making Workshop (Laser and Vacuum Press Workshop)
Bc.A. Filip Frank, tel.: 251 098 326


Department of Graphics:

Lithography Workshop
Mgr.A. Jana Hubatková, tel.: 251 098 217
ak. mal. Jiří Vohradský, tel.: 251 098 217

Offset and Letterprint Workshop
Jaromír Štoural, tel.: 251 098 225
Jaroslav Janďourek, tel.: 251 098 249

Screen Printing Workshop
René Řebec, tel.: 251 098 226, 223

Printmaking Workshop, Relief Printing
Mgr.A. Lucie Raškovová, tel.: 251 098 222

Bookbinding Workshop
Mgr. Jan Hybner, tel.: 251 098 219
MgA. Vladimíra Šturmová, tel.: 251 098 219


Studio-related Workshops


Fashion and Clothing Workshop
Karolína Čejchanová, tel.: 251 098 252

Textile Workshop
Anežka Svobodová, tel.: 251 098 213

Plaster Casting Workshop for Ceramics and Porcelain Studio
ak. soch. Aleš Werner, tel.: 251 098 220
MgA. Matěj Polách, tel.: 251 098 220

Glass Cutting Workshop (Glass Engraving, Grinding, Polishing)
MgA. Alena Hájková, tel.: 251 098 224

Glass Workshop (Glass Casting and Painting)
BcA. Ivan Pokorný, tutor

Animation and PC Lab
Mgr. Zuzana Bukovinská, tel.: 251 098 270

Jewellery Workshop
Andrei Navumenka, tel.: 608 072 686





VŠUP students have the opportunity to borrow technical equipment for their school projects in the Computer and Pringting Center (room No. 409) if they follow the following rules:

1) It is not allowed to use the equipment outside of the school building.
2) It is not allowed to hand over the
borrowed equipment to other people (classmates, friends, relatives, etc..).
3) It is absolutely impossible to tamper with the borrowed equipment, especially to make repairs or adjustments, or use the device contrary to its purpose and operating standards.
4) All equipment must be returned in the condition it was at the time of borrowing, i. e. no stickers, no paintings. It must be working and of course any accessories can´t be missing.
5) Any failure, whether caused by a student or due to material failure, must be immediately reported to IT staff; next steps will be
agreed individually.
6) Should the loan period be exceeded the borrower will be charged a fee which will be deducted from the security deposit.
Borrowers will be held liable for full replacement charges of lost, stolen or damaged equipment or its accessories.

Breaking the above mentioned rules will lead to imposing a ban on lending equipment to that student.

- Equipment will be provided with the necessary accessories, ie. remote control, cables, etc..
- Students can make a reservation by e-mail; wait for confirmation of availability.
- The service pressroom is not any training center.
Borrowers are completely responsible for the equipment.
- Technical equipment is being lent against a deposit paid
in advance in the cash office on the first floor, the deposit will be given back after returning the equipment in original condition.
- Since the number of pieces to lend is limited, the maximum loan period is one week, an extension of the period is possible after personal agreement and if there is no reservation for the required equipment.

By borrowing equipment the students confirm that they were acquainted with the above mentioned terms and conditions.

The list of technical equipment and tools is available in the Incoming Exchange Coordinator´s office.