Xth wave. Nth dose Graduates KVU UMPRUM 2020
Created: 20. 12. 2021 from Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

Xth wave. Nth dose
Graduates KVU UMPRUM 2020

17. 12. 2021 – 30. 1. 2022

Open: Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm
December 23rd, 2021 - January 3rd, 2022 closed

The exhibition Xth wave. Nth dose will present the work of last year's graduates and diplomats of the UMPRUM Fine Arts Department, which no one has had the opportunity to see. The Department of Fine Arts presents diploma and other projects of its graduates.

The final works of thirty young artists from the four studios of the Department of Fine Arts of UMPRUM, which were established in the past academic year 2019/2020, will be on display. These works could not be presented to the public at the time due to the circumstances of the pandemic. Some of the works survived the delay time without visible changes, while others were reshaped, dismantled, or replaced. Graduate projects will be shown at the exhibition, as well as works from alumni that graduated a year ago, and also work from current students. We are therefore pleased to welcome the work of recent graduates in the brand new premises of the school.

"Waves and benefits without ranking in this context point to an unfinished process of adaptation, a difficult social situation, but also an unfinished process of learning and unlearning" as Vojtěch Märc the curator of the exhibition Xth wave. Nth dose clarifies the exhibition's name and concept.

This is a very diverse collection of works, both in terms of topics and in terms of applied media and techniques. In the generous spaces of the entrance hall and adjacent spaces, spectators will find sculptures, objects, paintings, videos, installations, and recordings of performances.

All the works would certainly deserve a more detailed presentation. From a diverse collection, we can mention Martina Staňková's paintings following the Baroque tradition of floral frames, which freshly play out the old Christian iconography of the crucifixion and resurrection. Klára Čermáková's objects look at the tension between manual work and technical processing. They thus verify Marx and Engels' claim that some hands are "not only an authority of labor but also its product." Also worth noting is the diploma thesis of Tania Nikulina, who chose a tent shelter for her diploma thesis, which hides the scenery of the story of necessary and impossible care for oneself and for each other. Finally, we can mention Jan Kvíz's video that he prepared especially for this occasion. In it, he focused on the most current phenomenon of male self-pity.

The exhibition in January will be complemented by an accompanying program in the form of discussions organized by first-year students from the Department of Fine Arts, who also participated in the preparation of the exhibition. 


Exhibitors: Matěj Bílek, Tomáš Bryscejn, Klára Čermáková, Viktor Dedek, Jakub Dominec, Linda Hauerová, Adam Havelka, Kristián Kitzberger, Adéla Kostkanová, Lucie Kultová, Jan Kvíz, Nikola Lourková, Lucie Michnová, Milica Mijajlović, Dominik Miklušák, Kateřina Miturová, Veronika Nemejovská, Tatiana Nikulina, Olbram Pavlíček, Štefan Pecko, Nicolas Prokop, Rozálie Prokopcová, Julie Slauka, Martina Staňková, Václav Světlík, Tereza Sýkorová, Marie Helen Tite, Sofie Tobiášová, Jonne Väisänen, Ingrid Wong.
Curator: Vojtěch Märc.
Exhibition architect: Kateřina Kulanová.
Graphic Design: Cindy Kutíková and Jiří Mocek.